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  1. Hmmmm well I’m thinking I’ll leave NZ late next year, but is much for sale late in the year? In other words is there a month or two when lots on the market as perhaps I should aim to come then. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Hi again, deep pockets sounds worrying, I’ve seen another possible boat, with an RN DM2 but is the price differential really way too wide compared with other engines in the canal boat range of 40-50,000 range.? I will have money for upkeep but not sure of earnings so need to be careful. And I’ve no idea really of comparative engines.
  3. And depending on age etc quite legitimately not have RCD but this is late built , Its funny I’ve been told GET A HOUSE as I’m such a stickler, heehee just trying to be diligent! But very interesting and will no doubt begin to appreciate the casual boater attitudes which are charming if not unnerving.
  4. Yes in my understanding if it was a self build or for multiple person onboard hire purposes. But this was built by a boat builder and sold to private party 2002 so should have complied but somehow no mark or paperwork
  5. Thanks for that yep I think at 49.500 and low spec, though pretty, its been overpriced, esp with regards the hit expected on resale.
  6. Thanks all, I’ve since discovered along with no paperwork incl receipts of work or goods etc the boat is not CE marked, no boat manual, no RCD, am told this not an issue and will only affect resale. Interested to hear thoughts but feel it’s last straw for that boat. And really hearing you all about buying at a distance. I need to follow the forums more to learn and then either be there or get someone in the know to help I’d say. I would have thought that it leaves you vulnerable to having to prove it’s up to RCD and modify if not, but since it’s had several sets of safety certifications , advice was no one would care.
  7. Hi , I’ve seen this boat appearing rusty in the picture. https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/steelcraft-70-traditional/605970 And wonder does this 100£ a foot approximate price include de-rusting to paint or is that more money and if so any idea on extra cost? Thanks.
  8. Yes thanks for the above comments they make sobering reading. And make me wonder if I walk away whether I will find many other options with a better paper history as it seems generally a hit and miss affair in respect to a boats proof of provenance.
  9. Sorry was rushing out of house and should have written undated not unsigned and thanks for the further page of comments which I missed and will read now.
  10. Does anyone have any particular thoughts on the bill of sale being unsigned.This is a principal worry for me.
  11. Thanks for replies. Both Points taken about brokers. Sorry I should have been clearer my “child” is in her 30s and will be living with partner on boat following in car so can continually cruise and get to where she needs to go. And my younger children will only be with me later on the boat not unaccompanied.
  12. Thanks.. interesting , good to hear another perspective.
  13. Is that standard for Steelcraft boats : the water tank built into floor?
  14. I say housing because for myself and younger children it will be our home eventually continually cruising. Whilst before I get there it will be a home for older child for a year or so also continually cruising. Legitimately cruising not shuttling about locally. If we found an affordable mooring we would lease it but they are so few and dear I don’t bank on that. And have researched costs etc but for the house I could buy I’d prefer to buy a narrowboat. And enjoy England as I have been absent most of my life.
  15. Thanks to you both for such good advice and tips. My daughter in Ireland and I thought that if we got a highly recommended surveyor we’d be a bit redundant as we don’t know boats so could rely on him. But I will on this advice try have her view a boat with the aid of an experienced boater if at all possible. Still a bit confused ..although I love knowing the cultural history of laissez faire boat buying and really enjoyed your advice Is this very much the norm still or do people walk away if no decent paper trail?
  16. Looked for un motored buttys could not find any of them. Will keep eye out tha ks for advice
  17. Thanks all I absolutely see your points. The sale is happening before I arrive due to family needing urgent housing there. I can try get someone who knows boats to take a look possibly. A friend of a friend in Ireland. Bit of an ask. But nowadays isn't it usual to have more complete proof of ownership. In case of fraud.
  18. It also has price blanked out and no location given or conditions and when boat transferred etc I haven’t seen a bill of sale . But as a legal document it seems very weak.
  19. Hi does anyone know the boat https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/evans-sons-70-traditional/607737 year 2001 “Home at last” 507322. It doesn’t match the boat index : that number is allocated a boat called potemkin. Or another in historical data “frenchlands II” Nothing for Home at last. There is no date on the bill of sale transferring the boat from a Derek Jones and a Theresa Cabot to a Joe Riley. Which is weird is it not? And the broker says there’s a journal of work done but no receipts have been produced. I’m buying at a distance and have arranged Chris Williams as surveyor. But am nervous to get it right. Big thanks for replies. I’m yet to make an offer and any help in that regard would be much appreciated too.
  20. Thanks don’t know anything unfortunately about motors. Is it possible to add power ,,turbo charge ...affordably to DV36 if a 70 foot boat won’t handle rivers such as the Wey I’m avoiding tidal Thames as out my league . Maybe one day though.
  21. Thanks for that advice . Do you know if the Bukh DV36 is one that may have a problem with rivers. Unsure if it is normally aspirated. And was intending to cruise along river Wey to be near Guildford.
  22. good advice Thanks, it’s been galling to have prospects sell that I wasn’t a hundred percent about only to realise down the line that that’s the nature of the beast.
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