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  1. Hi.I had a few pointers before re wiring of heater plugs. I had a relay.General opinion was why!!!It was on when I got it.I have removed it so turn on ignition hold key over away she goes But key is low I'm tall old an fat and cabin is Tight to say the least So awkward hold key in position. So I thought take wiring away from ignition on to a neon switch. Done all that but blowing fuse after fuse 15/20/25 amps .....I know put it back to how it was but just thought it would be easier I could also leave it on for 20 seconds after ignition to burn up excess .Can it be done?Cheers
  2. Don't know if this will show as in Rhodes at the moment. So update on PuffAlong.everything back as should be ,But talking to my mate tonight over dinner,He said I would have to fill up the Injection Pump with Oil!!!! Something I must admit I didn't know about.I this is correct fill to a level it run out of the loosened nut on top?,?also straight engine oil.Hope everyone's boats have weathered the storms I have been hearing about. I'm lucky I can view it on Torquay live web cam?
  3. Will check it out thoroughly as getting a little spooked with it now.Annoying as I have gone far beyond what I thought I could do.But don't wan't to fall at the last fence...Time will Tell.
  4. Hi Frank ...I have said all the swear words already!!! I Will try give your way a go........Does it have to be timed?....... I thought it was a straight exchange but I keep see Pumps on YouTube with viewing windows on them for timing them???????I realise that techknowledgey has moved on...... I presumed if the engine was rotated it would be OK or am I be a bit dumb?
  5. Hi.The Electric Drill solution worked (Thanks for the tip) I did up the chuck as tight as possible and constant heavyish pressure it came out 1/2 mins Brilliant I had visions of braking it.as a Tad Ham Fisted.I removed the fuel tank cleaned it out.a fair amount of sand/grit an black gunk say 2 level table spoons full.I have renewed heater plug.Fitted the refurbed injectors. Connected the spill rail.Just cant seem to line up spline on the refurbished injection pump to the casing.. Will YouTube it tonight for some ideas.No Videos on refitting pumps...So here is the question HOW DO YOU LOCATE THE SPLINE BACK INTO POSTION? It seems the engine has been turned but I know it hasn't.
  6. I gave it another good belt of WD40 before i packed up.....It might help but not sure?...... I can move it back an forth 1" but it wont come out........Any ideas why the plugs got progressively harder to remove.
  7. Getting there!! [I Think] Diesel Bob UK has refurbed my Rare Injection Pump My Rare Injectors, [which other C/World user had pointed that out already]he has got me 4 new glow plugs ,All Being Overnighted to me all for £420 including Vat.......Which seems to be cheap.Great Service.....Anyway I got 3 of the 4 glow plugs out but #4 is a **************** if you get my meaning......#I was easiest #2 slightly harder #3 was tuff but #4 wont budge out of it's seating.......It is totally unscrewed but carbon holding it back........Any ideas or hacks ......,I don't won't to break it.I have a video if it will upload. https://youtu.be/F9e590yVzwl
  8. Wise words. I am looking for a spare starter I have impeller, filters,....Hoses an Alternator to go on shopping list. Diesel Bob UK don't list any pipes but was going down that road Monday just wanted to get things rolling as my daughter is with us from USA for 3 days and she wants to get out on the briny with her old Dad.
  9. I'm Having Pump Refurb also Injectors, new heater plugs, No4 pipe injector Nut has cracked the others don't look to clever,I can save the old ones for spares,....Just belt braces really on the cut you can drift into the edge at Sea its a hole different ball game. Have emailed ASAP will look elsewhere thanks for the advice
  10. I'm Having Pump Refurb also Injectors, new heater plugs, No4 pipe injector Nut has cracked the others don't look to clever,I can save the old ones for spares,....Just belt braces really on the cut you can drift into the edge at Sea its a hole different ball game.
  11. I need to purchase a set of 4 Pump to Injectors fuel lines BMC 2.5 recommendations please
  12. The whole thing is a bloody minefield!!!!!!!I will ask them to bench test it before they refurb.I did use them 25 years ago and they did a good job ,they are still today so they must be doing something right!
  13. To late now,Started getting it off now.Would have been a good idea!
  14. Fitted the new fuel pump works fine had to refit the lever mechanism as the original one didn't have one does but it does have a lever to prim but a bit hard to operate, but drilled another hole in lever to connect the priming arm to the push wire plunger from the other new one (the 2.5) this works fine now.But alas injection pump is still hunting and inducing a spasmodic engine beat.took her out just past harbour arm this morning it just started hunting ....This was after 30mins under load at 3/4 running speed in reverse securely tied to pontoon......So will send of pump to JC Isleworth to get it refurbished/replaced £325 but if it sorts it I will be happy.
  15. Tony once again thank you so much for your wise words/information. Just off now to fit my new shiny fuel pump into to my 2 5 BMC Engine. Entering the cam in a upward motion.Cheers Nigel
  16. Hi Sorry but me AGAIN!!!!!.The guy opposite me has gone away for 3 week holiday!!!!Just my luck.. Anyway I do have a quandary re what this engine is it does say 2500 on Raw Water header and on engine block ,The original fuel pump looks small but has functioned ok,I ordered a new one as had slight leak and all the screws where a bit shot, plus it did not have a manual lift .So £25/30 it was a no brainer. I offered it up a new one but at time of ordering thinking it was a 1.5 so 1.5 was what I ordered ,when i went to fit, it seemed the flange was not correct[I did not realize it was canted to one side] I put this down to it being a 1.5 so as i was now thinking it was a 2.5 pump i reordered, the new 2.5 turned up yesterday and that wont fit,its way to big. But now the old one is off i can see I the new 1.5 will fit after all,So I was confused before now I'm totally baffled. But in my mind the 2.5 would be a Bigger Pump as is one on right but that definitely won't fit......So will fit the new one same size as the one removed tomorrow. SO is it 2.5 or 1.5?????????????????
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. The boat moored directly in front of me is owned by a diesel engineer.He served his apprenticeship on BMC Engines.So he is now taking on my problems.[thank goodness] Thanks for everyone's help.
  19. It seems it is a 2.5 for definite. I ordered a lift version for a 1.5 and the mounting are different the 1.5 mounting holes are Horizontal the 2.5 holes are offset high an low.So recorded a 2.5 lift pump
  20. That could be it.As Taxi had been mentioned before. Don't call me Shirley!
  21. Wow talk about know your stuff!!!!! Brilliant. I will get the numbers later today .Once again thanks Tony.
  22. Tony Thank you again for your time/help....The engine size is complexing the previous owner purchased it in situ and was told it was a 1.8 BMC 80hp.He was then advised by a mechanic it was a BMC 1.5 40 OR 50HP So i don't know,except it is a 23' Duver made by Island Plastics that operated in the I/O/White She does 9/10 knots weighing 1.9 tons with fuel.
  23. Only going on what was told to me when purchased.we all can't be as knowledgeable as you are.But thanks anyway!
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