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  1. Thank you Daniel (and everyone) for great advice - we may just get the windows framed with metal if the metal disintegrates when we remove the windows, a few people have commented about how welding can prove difficult, also a friend of mine gave same advice so the way forward might be to have the Windows put in metal frame. Need to research who could do that, a blacksmith somewhere I imagine! Thanks again x
  2. Thank you! That is very heartening to read fingers crossed then the rust is treatable and welding won't be necessary ?
  3. Thank you everybody for your response is very helpful
  4. Thank you peoples for your advice I really appreciate it Thank you
  5. Ok thanks - not sure what plate means but I can look it up .. The back windows are hinged so yes could measure thickness there
  6. Hi the boat at the moment is on the river Lea in Tottenham London. I have someone who is going to help - but may turn out that a boat yard is required but this is so expensive - the nearest boat yard charges £80 per day just to have the boat there ... I need some advice on what sheet metal to buy for welding, my friend can weld but he's not a boat person more of a car mechanic! not sure of the measurements shall try and upload a pic. It's not a big boat.
  7. Hi there, New to this forum, it looks very good. My friend has bought a Dutch cruiser steel boat which is needing a lot of repair around the windows as they leak due to the metal being so rusted. The plan is to treat the rust and take out the windows to reseal them. However it will probably be the case that when the windows are removed the rusted decaying metal surrounding the windows will break away so welding new metal is going to be required. I have been looking at what marine metal to purchase for this job - any suggestions please? The boat is on canal not on the ocean but was originally designed for the sea. Any advise will be greatly appreciated many thanks in advance Sparkz
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