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  1. There is no name on the gauge what I can see apart it's got vdo on the face of it there is no alarm on it
  2. Hi I'll have a look at the wires and see what colors. They are the boat was built 1980 ish
  3. The one in the photo. Is what I took out of the head its been a night mare to find one
  4. Thanks. For all the replies. It's a strange one iv seen a few bmc engines. They all have 1 connecte on them some one else said it could of been retated out for that sender I'll have a look. For new clock and sender I think thank you all
  5. Hi. I have just took the water temp sender out of 1.8 bmc diesel I tried to get one some one said it was 1/2 bsp then took it to shop to get one they said it was unf. It's got to contacts on the top any idea. We're to get one from or can I convert. It to a modern sender thanks
  6. Thank. You for that great sorted now
  7. Hi could any. One advice me. I'm putting new injectors in bmc 1.8. Diesel witch I never took the old ones out some people. Say there is a copper heat washer and a crimp washer if so what order do they go please
  8. Carl123

    bmc1.8 tappet clearance

    Hi Can any on tell me the tappet setting on bmc 1.8 diesel inlet & exugst clearance please
  9. Thanks a lot I'll have a look
  10. Will the grub screws be on the in side its all blind to me at the moment in till I go in to dry dock in July so I'm just trying to get as much infow as I can I'll be doing the job my self its so orquede to work were the gland is as my boat is a trad back but got diesel pipes tuning over propeller shaft
  11. That looks like different set up from mine Mine has a clamp on one end to fasten it on to the sturn gland . has any one changed a cutlass' bearing before dose it come out the propeller side or draw it to the in side boat side many thanks
  12. Is yours got a 30mm propeller shaft
  13. I see now how it works thanks a lot just got to find out what is causing that noise
  14. Will do just been a night made at the moment it looks in line can't see any movement from engine side so I'm stuck at moment
  15. So its gonna be shaft removal and see if there's anything is got in side
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