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  1. It's weird that's what I think that one of the rings have snaped or a stuck piston ring it dose start up after 30 seconds of preheating so mite take it out for a few hours with the oil filler cap off it
  2. It was a second hand bloke witch I got told it come out it was a running engine apparently it was over heating the guy said it was the head what was at folt of overheating its been stead for 18 months I put a recon head on it the bores looked good that's all I now about the block
  3. Yes I check oil level it's on the mark I had to top it up as I took the boat out test run
  4. Yes the breather pipe on the side of the block at the side of the enige iv got it running into a bottle at the moment if I conect it the inlet air filter it just pours out with engine oil then
  5. Hi got the engine running the 1.8 bmc diesel it was the starter motor. Now I have a problem it's breathing like a steam train if I leave the oil filler cap on it pushes engine oil out of the breather pipe oside of the engine block if I take oil filler cap off still breathes heavy but dose not push oil out of the breather hose on side of the block I checked the fill cap that's clear you can blow in to the cap with your mouth and feel air pass though it has any one got any idears apart I think that engine is nacked? Cheers
  6. Hi I have ordered a new one should be here today thanks
  7. Yes I tryed it on my mondeo diesel battery with the car running still spun ofer slow the bendickes doesn't stay out when it spins round it just pops out for a second as you touch the live feed on the motor then it slides back to the none engage mode
  8. Yes I have the battery after on it as a booster start bilt in. I took the starter motor off and pe jumpy leads directly to the starter it not spinning very vast
  9. Yes I did I made one bit orquide to do
  10. Yes I have bled the injectors and pump I have looked at all possible things think that I have a lazy starter motor it's turning over to slow so I have ordered a new starter motor I'll let you all no when I get it thanks ever one for your help
  11. Hi can anyone help please I have just put a head back on a bmc diesel engine and set the Valve clearance it won't start do you have to time the push rods up to set the valves it's just baffling me thanks
  12. There is no name on the gauge what I can see apart it's got vdo on the face of it there is no alarm on it
  13. Hi I'll have a look at the wires and see what colors. They are the boat was built 1980 ish
  14. The one in the photo. Is what I took out of the head its been a night mare to find one
  15. Thanks. For all the replies. It's a strange one iv seen a few bmc engines. They all have 1 connecte on them some one else said it could of been retated out for that sender I'll have a look. For new clock and sender I think thank you all
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