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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. What equipment would I need to get a still camera picture of my boat that I can dial up on my android phone when I'm away ? I only need to check the front doors are still locked the rest of the boat is very secure steel doors. Looking for the cheapest option.
  3. I'm guessing as they mine the coal even in the same mine the quality varies as they go, I doubt the manufacturer of the nuts can garentee it will be exactly the same every year, unlike metal ore they can't refine it until becomes pure.
  4. One metric tonne of house coal £200 delivered on a pallet in one giant bag.
  5. I am going to have to sacrifice myself and wait at the pub for our deliveries, its going to be thirsty work ?
  6. Anyone running a small freezer off only solar power that can give us some real idea of what capacity of solar runs what size freezer in the winter months. We have 460 w of solar, and a small 50 litre ? 240 v freezer which I think is 45 w ? ( I'm going to bond 50 mm insulation board to it to get more efficiency and keep it in my cratch space in the cold ) I don't have the money to buy a 12 v one . Our mooring faces west over open Fields with trees behind to the east.
  7. We've found a mooring now, thanks for your replies.
  8. We are moving to our first ever long term mooring, which is on the offside with no residential status, we want to get the bulk of our food delivered but we will have to work out some crafty plan to do this as there is no actual address for the moorings, I'm guessing that we would use the pub down the road as an address and meet the delivery van there ? Does anyone have experience in doing this ?
  9. I wanted to find someone in the area that can send me a picture of moorings that become available as its a long long journey by public transport to get down there to have a look myself. We need a secure offside mooring with space for a storage shed and some of the offside moorings north and south of the lock have space and some don't.
  10. CRT offside long term moorings north and south of Cowley lock.
  11. Anyone on here moor at or near Cowley lock on the GU ? That can give us the lowdown on the moorings, and local facilities ect. ?
  12. I should add that we only have ( android ) tablets on the boat. And the boat is not fitted out yet so welding in an base for a " dongle dome " would be easy. I have just invented the " dongle dome " ??????
  13. Tired of trying to position mobile internet device to get a signal, hanging by the window, and out of the door ect, I'm thinking of fitting some kind of small dome on the roof it can sit in, just an inverted cup really , what material is the best to pass the signal though but waterproof ? There is no extra antenna port on my EE device.
  14. Our other boat needs overplating, we are basically past the safe point with it, though we have a buyer for it as soon as we can move into the new one. I've heard that CRT won't allow anyone to buy land and moor there permanently ? That's our dream, but we've never got an answer from the CRT about it.
  15. We have been in a diy yard before and found it an all round miserable experience. We would prefer to have a quiet rural mooring where we can work at our leisure. My health is not so good anymore and I need a stress free environment.
  16. We bought a 60 ft nb shell and are looking for a place to fit it out, we already have another 70 ft nb we live on, we hope to move on to the new one and sell the other, we've been looking for nearly a year on and off but haven't won any bids yet, and everywhere else seems full with waiting lists. A marina with pontoons wouldn't be any use to us. All we want is a quiet mooring with some space on the bank to work, and set up a 3 x 3m temporary shed, nothing fancy. We are currently in the Northamptonshire area, so the grand union would be ideal. Naturally we have to be able to tow the shell to wherever the mooring is. We noticed some moorings at Ivinghoe on a farm anyone know who runs them ? Anyone got any clues because we are desperate now ?
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