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  1. Here are some more pictures of Ice Dragon. I had previously posted some history in a topic 'Ice breaker tugs and Ailsa Craig engines', I hope you find it interesting. I'll post some more stuff as I think of it. Enjoy the sun! Adie.
  2. Hi everyone, here are pictures of Ice Dragon's rivets, another ice boat for comparison. Regards, Adie.
  3. Hi Colin, it is an Ailsa Craig gear box. Ice Dragon's RF1 I suspect has worn brake bands, it's essential to have a good flow of clean oil otherwise they wear very quickly. I haven't got in there yet but I will investigate getting the worn parts metal sprayed and machined back to original size.
  4. Hi Henry, delighted to see "Erebus" and good luck with the restoration, the ice boats are great fun. Please keep us up to date with progress, did the Ailsa Craig survive? Just noticed the Seffle, isn't it a lovely thing? Please tell us more about it.
  5. Hi, thanks Peter, please do use the photograph (delighted) will pm details. Don't worry Sam we know what you mean. I don’t use the alternator all the time so the handle and wing nut give adjustment on / off the belt. Well spotted! You probably notice that the hand start is missing; it only had electric start when I got it. I would like to replace the hand start but don't think that I will be lucky enough to find original A C parts. Any ideas anyone? Regards, Adie
  6. Hi, many thanks to you all for your responses and support. Yes it is a diesel RF1, the photographs are from before it was stripped down; a crack had developed in the block which I have now had stitched. It looks a good job and all being well we should be okay, I’m starting to put it back together now. I only know of three RF1s so I would like to keep this one going, it is a lovely engine. I did get Ice Dragon from June Picken about 20 years ago but didn’t keep in touch with her so many thanks for the email Paul H. It is thanks to people like the Picken family, with their enthusiasm, that so much of the canal heritage has been saved. The counter stern is original and, for an iceboat, it is in fact quite stable. It swims like a fish, shouting “whoa” seems to work better than reverse gear! I know that Three Fellows Carrying, Long Eaton/Sawley, had the boat at some time, 70s/80s, probably not under the name Ice Dragon. For the first few years my wife and I travelled hundreds of miles on it, camping with just an airbed and a Trangia stove, brilliant! We then took it out of the water when we started our family, they are now very keen to get it going again. Paul you must tell me about your interest in iceboats! Regards, Adie.
  7. Hi All, I have just discovered this forum and have noticed references to "Ice Dragon". I own "Ice Dragon"; a historic, 30ft ice breaker tug with a single cylinder, Ailsa Craig engine. I am currently rebuilding both boat and engine and would be interested to hear from anyone who has more information on either. These engines seem to be very rare; I have been aware of "Erebus" for a long time which, judging from a previous thread, seems to be in similar condition. Does anyone know how "Erebus" is progressing?
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