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  1. Groan... Thank you! I'm blind as a bat!
  2. Thank you!!! Really appreciate you answering!! Many many thanks Martin
  3. Hi, Um... could someone tell me what this gearbox is please? Try as I might I can't find the information online and can't see any markings or identifiers. It's attached to a 2005 Beta 43. Many many thanks in advance, Martin
  4. Yep - I just received this today as well from CaRT: "The wide lock will remain open for boaters during the repairs to the narrow lock but they will only operate on certain days and between certain hours as they will be manned. All details will be uploaded to the web site once they have been decided before the stoppage begins in October, I would expect the new information to be available by the end of this week at the latest." Martin
  5. Hi I've messaged CaRT to confirm whether the double lock at Stourport was going to remain open. I had a call back today and they've said they think so from initial information but they were unable to contact the project manager so they wouldn't be able to say for definite until they'd spoken to him. I'll update this post when I hear back from them unless someone finds out first. Thanks for the info about Worcester - we hadn't picked up on that one for some reason so very much appreciated. Cheers Martin
  6. Cheers - I found a different crt doc which said 1.7m (https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf) hence checking. Thanks. Martin
  7. Cheers! Really appreciate the info - we're 6ft 7" (going to measure again tomorrow to confirm that though)... fingers crossed!!
  8. Hello all Can anyone that's recently been down to Coventry Basin tell me roughly what the air draught was (in relative terms of their own boat)? The crt canal dimensions document I've found says 1.7m / 5ft 7" but I was wondering if anyone with a higher draught has got through in the current conditions? Many thanks Martin
  9. On our last boat we carried on through 60mph gusts on the Llangollen (with a broken finger after falling off lock 11 of the Audlem flight - ooops) but she was only 39ft. Our new boat is 57ft and this will be the first time we've taken her out so we're holding on a day more for the winds to die down!
  10. We'll look out for you too ? Good luck with the winds!
  11. Nope - not us. The wind is slowly calming down but we've now changed our plans to move on later next week instead.
  12. Thank you all for the great information and many apologies at my delay in replying. We've just moved onto this boat and so have been manically busy, working late into the night then falling asleep exhausted, trying to get ready to cruise for today which has all come to nothing because the winds are too high. We're near March at the moment and will then be heading west so really unfortunately we won't be able to look for your Terrapin at Upwell which is a pity! For info for anyone else we've been informed that the Standground Lock is being opened mornings only at the moment.
  13. Ooooo - I'm not entirely sure yet, I'll have to check - looking forward to the Terrapin if we do!! ?
  14. Hi - thanks for the info - all really useful. Cheers. Martin
  15. Many thanks... good timing - I've just had a call back from the lock keeper at Standground and they've been able to confirm that it is available. Many thanks for replying -it's really great of you to take the time to! Cheers Martin
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