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  1. It wasn't much over at all though - from what I understand it was more about the gearbox wearing out - the overfill was minimal so shouldn't have affected it. We've come a long way in a short time and before that the boat had been pootling up and down the Glos/Sharpness canal. It was just it's time.
  2. So... update time... The gearbox is officially dead 😞 We're waiting for a new one from RCR. Thanks for the nice message about the cleanliness of the engine bay - I'm trying to keep it clean but it's getting this time of year with muddy towpaths! The RCR engineer certainly liked the amount of space to work in though 🙂 Martin
  3. Yeah - that's what we learnt as well 🙂 She was named that when we moved onto her and the previous owners said they often had people calling the name out as they passed (they were living in and around London)
  4. Yup - that's us 🙂 We left the mooring last September and we are spending the year cruising around the country having a great time (when the engine isn't freaking us out). Martin
  5. Everyone, Thanks so much for the replies! I'm always amazed at how generous everyone is with their time, advice and information! I'm really sorry for a lack of speedy reply but we took the boat back today and after we were sorted we had to move up to a new mooring so I haven't been able to get on the computer. So... We took NB Jambo back to Oxley Marine on the Staffs & Worcs this morning and they have been absolutely amazing. We were hoping yesterday after they tightened the bolts on the Centaflex (which were very loose) that everything would be sorted but as we moved away to moor on the opposite side of the canal last night (it was getting dark) the problem reappeared and again we weren't getting any forward acceleration (during testing whilst moored up at their yard it had been absolutely fine). So as we crept over the width of the canal this morning back to their side of the bank we still thought the problem was with the Centaflex but after closer inspection it was discovered the problem was actually with the gear box (at which point my heart sank as you can imagine). It turns out, despite researching on the net and getting what I thought were the correct answers, I had overfilled the gearbox oil which had led to the forward gears becoming smooth and slippery! Dave (from Oxley Marine who is an absolute legend!) found on checking the gearbox that not only was it too full but that the oil in there was not a healthy colour at all. After multiple cleanouts with diesel though the colour started to lighten and we started to get some normality to the gearbox. In reality the gearbox is pretty shot but thanks to Dave's ministrations and by mixing the ATF oil with 50ml of diesel we're able to keep on for hopefully a while longer (hopefully long enough to save up for a new gearbox!!). I can't recommend Oxley Marine enough - they're genuine, fantastic people who wanted to help and keep us running and lots of other people who we'd met on the way up the Staffordshire Worcestershire canal had also been saying really positive things about them. All the best and thanks for all your replies Martin
  6. Thanks - it's all making a bit more sense now - at least I won't feel completely in the dark when I speak to the engineers tomorrow! Martin
  7. Sounds very probable - the water levels have been very low from Stewpony lock upwards. Matty Thanks - fingers crossed. Thank-you very much for the information - I really value the responses! Cheers Martin
  8. Ray Thanks so much for this!! It's come flooding back with that one word. I remember that the guys at the yard explained that forward acceleration pushes against the centraflex and reverse pulls against it. The bolts were loose and have been tightened but if it's still happening then the rubber in the center may be damaged. We've been through a lot of low water areas in the last few days and I'm wondering if this has contributed to the problem? Thanks for the info -I'll go and have a read Martin Matty Thanks for the reply - the boat has been fine for two years+ but I really don't have a clue to be honest. We'll go back over tomorrow and see what they can find. Excuse my ignorance but does this require the boat to come out of the water? Thanks Martin
  9. Hi We're cruising up the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal and have hit a problem. When we go into reverse everything is fine but when we go from reverse into accelerating forward again we don't get any forward motion and no movement in the water to show movement. After some time the propeller seems to kick in and we get forward motion again. Very frustrating as, obviously, we don't have control over direction until it does and it was rather windy cruising today. We've managed to get to a boat yard and they found that the bolts on the section I've highlighted on the picture were loose. After tightening the bolts the backwards and forwards acceleration seemed to work much better. We turned the engine off to fuel up with Diesel and when we went to leave exactly the same thing happened again - we reversed to get off of the mooring and then had no acceleration going forward. Could someone please explain what the part I've highlighted is so that I can search for more info on it as I'd like to have an idea about what they're talking about before we go back tomorrow. Many thanks advance (I really really appreciate any help!) Martin Info: - The engine is a Yanmar 3YM30. - I've checked the oil in the gearbox - seems ok - I've checked the propeller and there is nothing wrapped around it (couldn't feel my arm for 5 mins after mind!) - Reverse works fine - The condition appears to be worse after reversing - Forward acceleration does start but not for a long time after reversing or starting the engine. - Once forward acceleration starts again it's fine. We can go into neutral then forward again without problem
  10. MartinV

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    Thanks everyone. Really useful information. Martin
  11. MartinV

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    Many thanks! We'll keep our fingers crossed. Martin
  12. MartinV

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    Thanks for that. Just got to keep our fingers crossed for a fine January. Apart from flooding and the bore are there any reasons for staying off of the Severn, or other rivers, in January?
  13. Hello! Is it possible to navigate the River Severn in January from Gloucester to Stourport? Obviously flooding and the weather will affect this but, being new, I was wondering if it was generally considered possible at all. We're on a 39ft narrowboat and we've been up the Severn in May and September so it won't be our first time on the river and ideally we want to get above Lock 8 Holt Lock, Holt Fleet, River Severn Navigation before the 4th of Feb as there is a closure scheduled. Thanks in advance Martin
  14. MartinV

    Stuffing box dripping oil/grease

    Thanks. Haven't had a chance today so I'll check over the weekend. Martin Thanks. The problem is they're pretty jammed in place. Martin

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