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  1. 不不不不不不不不不不 Steady on! I know people who would pay good money for that!!! 不不不不不不不不不不
  2. You could offer to rearrange their tackle for them?
  3. I had exactly the same experience! Normanton sunken island?
  4. Yeah - I know. Which is why I am really racked off with it. Every blooming time there seems to be a web of near invisible lines stretching across the river. I dont mind them indulging in their mind-numbingly boring and potentially smelly hobby - but they never seem to consider that anyone else has a right to use the river
  5. HAAAAAAHHHH!!! Ok - Ill express my condolences succinctly when I get some batteries in the megaphone
  6. Had to take a little test run in Newark yesterday so went down towards Nether Lock. It seems that every time I try and go that way, I encounter anglers with unattended rods and bear invisible lines spanning virtually the width of the river. yesterday was no exception. Sat in their little tents not appearing until I was virtually on top of the numerous lines in the middle of the channel and then angrily shouting because for some reason they didnt expect to keep an eye out for boats on a navigation! Apart from it seeming like a regular event here, I thought the fishing season was over by now?
  7. Ah - was going by your blog when you said you were hanging on to her for a bit. Youll have to toot at us if you see us. Without a flag or something we wont know its you! Maybe paint the name down the side of the van??
  8. We have a Bayliner 245. Quite capable of punching the tide. In fact I think we tread much the same ground as NaughtyCal as we often see her on the river. Just wanted a leisurely option. I suppose making it an expanded trip taking in Hull might be the most practical and offer a bit of variety. Yeah - would probably break the journey at West Stockwith or Keadby. We have a Bayliner 245 at Newark and see you about on the river sometimes. Well give you a toot next time!
  9. Ah - thats interesting. Do you just give them a call in advance?
  10. Hmm... suspected as much. Have you done this run? If so, what was your plan?
  11. Thinking of planning a trip from Newark to York via Trent Falls and the Humber. Is anyone aware of any overnight moorings between Keadby and Naburn? Obviously theres possibly Goole or Selby. Or could go to Hull with the tide and double back next day - but that seems like faff. So any others?
  12. It would be really nice to get a few more pontoons on the tidal section of the Trent. Once downstream of Cromwell, there is nothing until Dunham and then you are almost at Torksey. Beyond that its Gainsborough which is renowned fir being risky. Often thought it would be nice to something at Carlton or Fledborough
  13. Passed you moored in Newark returning from almost exactly the same trip you were intending. We made it to Kegworth and I have to say that the Soar is a beautiful river. However, I dont think we'll be trying it again... Lots of fun going through Nottingham -except flash white boats like ours dont exactly suit low stone faced banks and very very low bridges! But the the most stressful part was between Beeston and Cranfleet. The river was ridiculously low. Despite following the CRT guidance, the depth alarm was going off every couple of minutes and around Barton Island, we grounded a couple of times attempting to find a way through without leaving a load of fibreglass on the river bed! But - it was an adventure!
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