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  1. Sooo... having just read this entire thread with fascination - did the much debated 2011 NB crossing ever happen? Would love to know whether it came off or whether there's a boat still on a sandbank somewhere.... ?
  2. In Berlin where the river Spree splits to form the Museum Island, the western side is forbidden to boats as this was where all the discarded ammo was dumped in 1945. As far as anyone knows, it’s still down there. Bet not much magnet fishing goes on there!
  3. Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.....
  4. Well - actually, I’ve never encountered any other boater who wasn’t friendly. Which is why this event was so disappointing. The Audi/BMW analogy did occur to me as well! Which is also a shame because I thought we all went boating to leave that kind of thing behind. And like you I think having a couple of V8s doing 8mph tops must be pretty frustrating - not good for them either. But it’s undeniable that they do look sexy?
  5. Ah... not Maxums then. Big white pointy things! Sealine maybe - dunno.
  6. I don’t know where they were based but the offender had a small dark pennant on the prow with a white and red badge on it. Time was about 12:00-12:15pm. Both boats were in the 35-40ft range - possibly Maxums. I suspect the height of the spray astern was probably to do with the depth of the river. It’s probably lucky that I’m aware of how boats behave on rough water - although I’m more used to encountering those kind of waves in the kayak rather than the cruiser! Not going to start a hunt for this guy - life’s too short. I didn’t know if I was overreacting or not. Best thing would be if word somehow got back to him along with an idea of people’s disapproval. Hopefully he will be embarrassed enough not to do it again.
  7. Yeah - it varies in different places - and there are some water ski zones. But I dont think any of them are around 30mph! But like I say, it was more to do with the proximity to me than anything else! ???
  8. Dunno if I'm being a bit picky over this but I experienced what I consider to be really inconsiderate behaviour from a boat on the Trent yesterday. Just downstream from Farndon Marina (by the power station for those who know it...), my small yoghurt pot was overtaken by two large sports cruisers. I'd purposely moved towards the bank to let them pass as it was pretty obvious they wanted to go faster then me (I wasn't exactly dawdling though.) The first passed doing maybe 15-20kts which wasn't a big deal. However, the second appeared to decide to open his throttles completely and hammered past going faster than I have ever seen a boat move on an inland waterway. The resultant wake spouted about 8-10 feet in the air at his stern and created a swell of around 6ft across the whole river. (That's the equivalent of Force 5 at sea.) I realised that this was going to broadside my boat so immediately applied power and turned into the waves to broach them - which I did with a series of pretty loud slaps. The offending boat sped around the bend leaving the entire river in a maelstrom and waves washing up on to the shore. I didn't get the boat name as I was too busy dealing with things!. Now... l'm not too fussed about the actual speeding (we probably all do it from time to time) but it just struck me that this was completely inconsiderate behaviour when other river users are in close proximity. If I had less experience or a less capable boat, this could have been, at the very least a very disturbing and possibly even disastrous event. The other guy didn't know what my boat was or what my skills were - and it looked like he didn't care. "More brass than brains," probably...? Am I overreacting? Or have others experienced similar?
  9. Ha ha!!! More of a swell than a bore! Think it would go right under the kayak!
  10. Well... yee-hah! Not sure if its big enough to surf though!
  11. Nice footage. Does it vary in height? It looks very gentle by the time it hits West Stockwith. Wonder if anyone has ever kayaked / surfed it? Might not be big enough...
  12. That’s awesome! I shall look out for you!
  13. Had a fantastic run to Farndon before Christmas. Very cold crisp day but sunshine (at least when we set off). Really nice mulled wine at Knots bar before setting off back. Got to test the newly installed wipers on the way back!
  14. Ah yes - there’s a lot to be said for the winter run. Bracing to say the least! ? Bloomin’ Heck! Sounds like you are piloting a small freighter!?
  15. So DSC still is useful for those emergency situations in coastal areas. Presumably including the lower Humber- (which I havent ventured onto yet but is my ambition!). I do like Scholar Gypsy's point about listening to other boats as well. Time will tell whether the lockies respond more to the radio than the phone though! ?
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