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  1. That's a nice post. I've lived in Birmingham 20 years ago for a happy few years and it's had a bit of a hold on me ever since. There's a warmth there that's not in keeping with a big city. I think Stourbridge will look after you. I'm hoping to cruise the BCN for a few years come the time. Good luck to you too.
  2. It's in Warwickshire. Not on the cut but hoping to remedy that before getting too far into the new year.
  3. Never found a definitive answer to this on the interweb, and not for the want of trying. In my own experience of living full time in a caravan the electric option for heating, at 15p per kw/hr here seems to be the cheapest. Gas, propane at around £35 for a 19kg bottle comes in about the same, maybe a little more. 13kg bottles, the biggest usually found on boats, cost more per kg, and smaller sizes much more. Wood or coal burning is not really viable in the caravan for fire safety reasons but it looks to me would probably cost about the same as the electric hook up so would likely be the way to go on a boat. There's lots on the internet about energy costs for houses but nothing much about the costs of energy for off grid heating/living.
  4. Yeah, I thought it was too soon for happy new years too. But if Sainsburys can have their Christmas stuff out in November I guess I'm ok wishing you and the rest of the forum a very happy new year with only four days to go. Happy New Year.
  5. Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. Have been following it for a few weeks now so thought I should sign up. It’s been a good Christmas here, hope so for you too.
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