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  1. Nice looking Battery Monitor

    So would it be safe to say give it another six months if you want something ready to go out of the box? Seems they have a few kinks to iron out
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    Already done! I'll do you a deal... If I win I'll let you have a go anytime and I'll buy you the next best historic narrowboat of your dreams. If you win I'll get a go and you buy me the historic boat of my dreams
  3. Historic Boats for sale online

    Spent some time with them at Huddlesford and they're now heading your way. Very nice... bolts through the gunwale rather than welded. So you can remove them easily? Stick welded? Certainly not going anywhere in a hurry. I do like the idea with sticking the stove through... that's a tidy solution! You left the chains fitted or just had them available should the need arise? Now this is a picture I've seen before very recently after discussing this topic. That and all the other ones in the excellent website. I have to admit that many of the solutions in this project albeit not cheap were rather excellent! An excellent history of a boats upkeep and changes it really provided some valuable insights. So thank you for keeping that website going!
  4. Historic Boats for sale online

    I'd love to see some of your work Dan... perhaps on another thread or linked? Hold on a tic... I 'sort of' know you... Lyra and Harrier are coming to see you soon aren't they?
  5. Historic Boats for sale online

    That's better than some... I imagine a few boats have spread due to removing the chains and so on and thinking a few lightweight supports would hold it...
  6. Historic Boats for sale online

    Do you know what they're made from? ie softwood or hardwood? Or in one case I spotted layers of glued ply panel... strong but not the sexiest looking solution it has to be said!
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    What does then? I've always wondered what the get around for this was as I've seen apparently very differing views on what's best.
  8. A near miss

    Blimey.... it's starting to sound like an army assault course with live fire would be easier to traverse. I've never considered a fraction of the implications being put forward! I'm not keen on locks as it is but this is certainly my becoming my least favourite thread of late! Still following it mind
  9. A near miss

    Seems entirely sensible to me.
  10. A near miss

    Very true. What do you stick on your feet on a wet day working through a few locks then chap?
  11. A near miss

    Thanks for the interesting reply. Looking at the price I agree they're not the cheapest set of boots on the market but if they last a good few years and keep your feet warm dry and most importantly well planted then the relative cost is negligible all said and done! I suppose that makes the following a bit of a bargain then...
  12. A near miss

    Eek! That really is an eye opener... I'm fairly confident in the ability of my work/walking boots to provide a lot of grip. I wonder what would be considered the best footwear for both working locks and time on the back of the boat in all weathers?
  13. Nice looking Battery Monitor

    Now this is just my kind of shiny thing! I feel it's important to have both historical and real time monitoring. This is the ideal for fault finding intermittent problems.
  14. History from the air

    I like that the sound is kept with the boat and/or the choice to overlay with well chosen music... I watch a lot of drone footage and even had a fair few goes with a friends DJI. It's not easy to make it look good and I have to say hats off to Mike for doing it as no one else's video work on the narrowboat scene is coming close to how good this looks and sounds. I admit I'm a fan of his You Tube work and luckily for me met him briefly at Alvecote via my friends (who were moored just outside the Sam Barlow during all the REALLY LOUD fun) he was extremely modest about what he does. I also got to see Victoria in real life for the first time. My wife referred to it as my 'girly moment' His latest video is probably my new favourite. The fact that he was steering the boat and in control of the drone is impressive. The end with the wonderful sound of that JP winding down is a nice touch... Sorry Mike if you read this... I hope you don't mind me saying all this
  15. Corroless

    A very good point regarding the thickness comparison. Given that the waterline on any boat will generally be the worst area perhaps you could just have this area done with the more expensive coatings? A band say 12 inches deep? Probably a thousand reasons why that would be a really bad idea I imagine that the zinc spray would give at least the same effect as a hot dipped galvanised treatment so it should be good for at least 20 years if it's protected with a good primer and 2K paint system. Probably a lot longer!