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  1. Hi guys i recently found out that my great great great Granddad Billy Beck was a water trader in Gainsborough and on the census of the time his occupation has been recorded as Bargeman. i was wondering if this ment he worked the canals? and if he did weather there was a way i could find out some info? any ideas? cheers.
  2. Wow so the anodes had completely dissolved over how many years? Did you notice they where getting hit hard when you (persumably) brought her out for blacking the previous time? The boat am looking at needs a new interior so I was going to start from nearly scratch lol first on my list (or very close to the top) would be I have the floor up and see what's going on under there but I realy hope the knees would be OK? Lol how do you check that before buying?
  3. Thanks for the heads up she's a reported 7ft at her widest point.....iam defiantly going to check before exchanging money.
  4. where abouts is the timber suppler, whats there website? lol i am not looking to re do the bottom of my boat but id love some elm for internal work so ill have a look t what theyve got.
  5. Oh nice is the timber sawn and kiln dried? Or left in stick?
  6. Well you'd AV a job finding enough elm these days for a like for like. I made a cabinet with elm panneling long last year and had to search every where for mature timber I ended up on waiting lists for it in the end. They use oak for restorations now don't they?
  7. Thanks for the response, point well made I'll find out if the surveyor was a specialist. The boats a converted butty and the bottom was replaced with steel (I guess replacing wood) in the 70s so persumably you must be able to weld steel to wrought iron? Haha yeh by two surveyors, it needed minor repairs that where done in December 2016 a survey from last month said it was sound. I'd probably have one done if I went for it just so I defiantly know/ can be there to chat to an engineer of my choosing. Needs a bss doing though and I need t find out when the engine was last surveyed.
  8. Thanks for the response, point well made I'll find out if the surveyor was a specialist. The boats a converted butty and the bottom was replaced with steel (I guess replacing wood) in the 70s so persumably you must be able to weld steel to wrought iron?
  9. iqm looking int into buying a old wrought iron hull that has passed a survey, but iam consernd about a few things 1 is the maintence on hull more complicated and 2 if I needed to have work done in the further would it beat more specialised job than a steel hull? (Costing more money?) any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. hi guys iam still looking for a boat, iam off to have a look at a few tomorrow 1 is a thomas bantock that was reduced from a 70footer to 45ft in the 1970's {is it ok to chop a boat in half lol?} also shes has a wrought iron hull what are peoples thoughts on that? old and sturdy or old and probably in need of expensive repair? the second boat was made in 1990 by Castlefield but i carnt find any info online about them can any one help?
  11. Lol well it wasn't my first choice but it's where I finished my apprenticeship contacts,suppliers and clients all made it a logical decision a few years back. Also Croydon is a totally different kettle of fish to getting near the river lol. Only plus side to coming back down would be my workshop on the canal side, anything made from wood is where I'll realy save on money. It's the metal bits that scare me. Handy thing is my dad wants to be involved and is a sheet metal worker with a separate set of skills and resorses. I realy wanted to buy land and move my workshop to there but again that's another big step I thought I could use a few years on the canals scouting out some where good to settle down. Where abouts was your pub? Are your on the canals now?
  12. Haha London isn't as bad as people think but it is expensive, iam from grimsby but moved to south London as iam a cabinet maker, unfortunately London is an are where people buy heigh end work so I get good money down there. Down side is my rent on a flat combined with my workshop rent sort of left me a bit stuck, making more money but spending more too. Hence the boat iam intending on moving back up north but want to use the assets I have down here to finance the buying of a boat so I can move my business and life, if that makes sense lol
  13. Sorry Mike thanks for your input, but your slightly missing my point. Iam not after owt for nowt here, just asking if there was any info to help me identify a good boat from the hundreds out there.
  14. Cheers Dave so I should continue looking for hull shape combined with overall condition, my budget is 10k but that's with out taking any kind of finance out, one option I was looking at was a personal loan of about 10-15k for the purchase then using my savings for the getting in the water/ maintence and general sprusing up. Times not realy an issue for me as iam just looking to get out of the renting market and a loan repayment on the boat would be cheeper than renting in London enabling me a few years of actually been able to save money/ spend my money on my self lol and not see it go down the drain. Dose this sound like a reasonable plan?
  15. Ok let's have a look at it although 10k is the top of my budget without hitting into loan territory lol
  16. Thanks for getting back to me let me try and explain what I mean. Bare with me a sec, when I was an apprentice I spent my wages and time searching the Internet and carboot sales for old woodworking tools as the quality of machining and material are as good If not better than modern made high end tools only they where a fraction of the price due to the poor condition. I would look for particular brands/tool makers as I knew if I found what some people would regard as a rusty peice of junk I could restore them and have a quality tool for a fraction of the price, I just had to put the work in. So I was wondering if this logic could be applied to boats? Wether there where particular boat builders of the last 30-40 years that were renound for quality craftsmen ship? I keep seeing alsorts of older boats made by different builders but is there makers I should keep an eye out for in particular. Iam looking for a 35-40 foot trad stern I that helps?
  17. Hi guys iam still looking for a boat, just a quick one is there any vintage boatbuilders I should look out for when iam trawling through the marinas. Looking for a project worth restoring back to its original condition. Cheers. Darren
  18. Thanks guys I'll look at some alternative options
  19. Ok thanks for the advice, should I totaly avoid boats where hull repairs are needed?
  20. Hi guys, iam in desperate need of some advice here. Iam a cabinetmaker and my farther is a sheet metal worker (/engineer with decades of experience) together where looking to restore a 45-50foot trad stern narrow boat. Now I've spent months researching all the dos and donts here but I've hit a dead end I've got a tiny budget in narrow boat terms of around 6k and I've been looking at some very poorly boats indeed. But I've finally found one I think I could make work. Now it's been out of the water for 7 years but not because it wouldn't float its owners moved to France and it's been advertised as needing a refit. Perfect for me as if it comes to wood work it's cheers as chips for me.but I wanted to ask if it's crazy that iam thinking of potentially having the hull repaired (maybe overplated) if I can get a good price? This is an area out of my expetease and iam worried about all the talk of money pits lol .All the brokers I've spoke to tell me to up my budget at get one that's already in the water lol so do people not repair boats them selves? Any advice would be great. Darren
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