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  1. Cheers all. Need to sort that then.
  2. Hi all, is it still necessary to keep the diesel tank full if treating with Marine 16 or similar? Always seems odd to me that it's advised to not keep diesel got too long then fill up before stopping for the Winter Cheers, Brian
  3. Can't get to mine for photos but it's a 33ft and has 4 berths in two doubles, both need to be made up and is a real pain even for a few weeks holiday. Maybe you can handle that a bit more than me but a permanent bed is an absolute must have for next boat.
  4. Cheers all, learnt a lot there, should've said, I'm going upriver on the Thames near Reading (typing and steering and making sure my phone doesnt end up going in) but i was only comparing myself with other narrowboats. After getting the app I've found I'm doing around 3.5mph at 1700 and around 4 at 1900/2000. Could be slightly underpowered/propped but will look into that. Will also examine it at high revs when nearer home next week. Thanks again!
  5. Cheers all, will follow those things up.
  6. Cheers all, thought it might be a bit of a vague question, I'm going just slower than tow path walkers and the engine seems comfortable enough.
  7. Hi all, got a question about revs,I cruise at around 2000 but everyone passes me, is it normal to regularly go above this? I've got a Vetus 3.10 on a 33ft narrow boat. many thanks for any advice.
  8. Cheers all, was in danger of putting it back upside down there! That description of the two holes makes perfect sense now. Brian
  9. Hi all, stupidly took out a filter to replace and failed to note which way up it was! am assuming the 'Baldwin Filters' side should be facing downwards (see photo) as the opening on the other side seems to match up to the hole on the filter fitting? Hope this is clear enough - only got these to photos with me at the moment (they also got a bit squashed whilst uploading) Many thanks for any help. Cheers, Brian
  10. Cheers, will give that a try before I do anything else.
  11. Cheers, can't see a float switch, if there is one it's in a plastic casing (it's a Rule-mate 500) doesn't look blocked up. Will look at other options.
  12. Hi all, bilge pump working ok on the switch but not coming on automatically, anything obvious going on there? Gave it a quick clean but it still only kicks in for a second on auto then stops. Cheers, Brian
  13. Just had one on Saturday, took around an hour and 15 minutes but my previous certificate didn't have the appliances listed so that may be why it took a bit longer.
  14. Hi all, the one that's moored around Kingston doesn't have a name on the side just 'Grebe Canal Cruises' with Pitstone Wharf underneath (that was the side I could see anyway - I was going past in a kayak!) otherwise, exactly like Wild Thyme above) Cheers
  15. Hi all, there's one of these that moves around down at Teddington Lock/Kingston area, can't remember the name though.
  16. Cheers all, that'll be why I can't find any 7/8 ones then!
  17. Cheers, think I might be getting confused with the measurements, I measured across the thread and that was 7/8"
  18. Hi all, anyone know where I might be able to source one of these (fitting is 7/8") sorry about the photo quality. Had a look around a few chandlery websites but not found anything similar. Cheers
  19. Cheers, looks like changing the filter would be a good idea!
  20. Cheers all, maybe it's at it's capacity and is working as it should but the low fuel consumption I'll look into further. Should've mentioned, it's got an in-line filter that I've never changed - looks like an easy job but would there be any issues with air in the system when changing? (sorry, extra questions!)
  21. Cheers, got it serviced last year but he didn't highlight any problem with the supply. Will look into it though.
  22. Hi all, anyone have any experience of these? https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB833GB833&biw=1536&bih=754&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=LClcXI6_DvSf1fAPlsin8A8&q=force+ten+diesel+heater+boat&oq=force+ten+diesel+heater+boat&gs_l=img.3...52274.54347..55051...0.0.. Been using for a few years, all Ok but output could be better - have occasionally got it going really well but mostly it just takes the edge off as opposed to really heating the place up (I have a 33ft NB) Wondering if this is just how it is or if it's worth fitting a diesel pump (currently gravity-fed) seems to use a lot less fuel than the manual suggests (this is guessed at from looking in the tank after a few months usage). Cheers for any help. Brian
  23. Hi all, many thanks for replies to this, finally got round to running the engine for a substantial amount of time - looks like the answer was semi-pressurise with a plastic temporary petrol tank cap, been doing 6-8 hours a day and not losing any coolant at all. Cheers!
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