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  1. 16 hours ago, ronnietucker said:

    I have a Huawei wifi router (with external antenna) and a SMARTY mobile SIM card in it. That get's me unlimited WiFi.

    The Fire stick plugs into the telly HDMI. For powering the Fire stick you could, in theory, use USB, but I couldn't get it to work. So I power mine with a USB wall plug thing.

    Sure you'll lose a lot of Sky channels and whatnot, but think about how much you'll save each month. Maybe use that to subscribe to Amazon Prime which is built into the Fire stick. Prime will get you a wad of movies and TV (as well as a ton of other Amazon stuff).


    Same as Ronnie, but using Virgin mobile for unlimited data.  You don’t even need the fire stick if you fork out for a decent 12v smart telly. 

  2. There is a lot to comment on here, and I’m no expert. But I’m going to pick on “36ft boat”.  If you are going to live on a narrowboat a permanent bedroom is very desirable. I’d also want a dinette as well as a main saloon. You need more like a 45ft+ for that bedroom and more for the dinette. Do you really want to live with a sofa bed, made up every night? I know I would not. 

    Good luck. And do rent a boat if you haven’t. It’s from enjoyment of rental boats that we realised we love the canals and bought one. 

  3. I wish I was allowed a gas fridge. We had one on our caravan and it worked well. The previous owner “upgraded” the boat fridge to 12v. I don’t see that as any sort of upgrade as without a leccy fridge we would need very little power.  Again did I miss something?  Gas fridge on the face of it is a better solution?  Why not??

  4. 23 minutes ago, sueb said:

    We survived for 25 years with no solar or generator. The engine didn't need running daily either.

    Where did you get your leccy from?  Our boat was 12v only to start with, but I still wanted to watch my 12v telly and charge my phone….


  5. I’ve been wondering about this. With little experience we have probably missed a trick or two.   I have 300w solar which is great in the summer and is still bringing in some power now in deepest winter. I fitted  an uprated alternator with my new batteries (Only 55amp as it’s an easy replacement on the 1500bmc diesel) to replace the original. Running the engine for a couple of hours a day when needed uses little diesel and provides our hot water. Boat is off grid. I fitted 3 new cheapo leisure batteries 5 years ago and they are still performing well so not managed to knacker them yet.  Why would someone need a genny?  The noise, security and petrol issues seem to rule them out. 

    thanks. Jak. 

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  6. Thanks for this. However I am sure I’ve read somewhere it may not be so easy to get the plugs out.  It there a risk, or a technique?  I’m familiar with removing car spark plugs so if it’s no more difficult than that then. I’m good. Anything else I need to know?


    Actually I think the reply on WD40 and taking care answers my concern. As I too was concerned about breaking them off. Thanks!

  7. Hi all. I’ve read a lot of BMC1500 threads, but not really found what I think I need. 


    Its an 80s boat and with the original BMC 1500. It’s a good engine. In that I’ve had her 5 years with no problems. But the motor has become very hard to start in cold weather. Never failed, but I’m cranking for a long time to get it going. Once she is running all is ok. The starter battery is on a mini solar panel FYI - so not flattened it yet. 

    What should I be doing to improve cold weather starting?  Was wondering wether it’s worth new glow plugs. What else might I do?




  8. 13 hours ago, roland elsdon said:

    Used to be lovely when Acs was in the basin. Now its a sterile dark corridor overshadowed by a huge cheap hotel.

    Sadly, this dies about sum up the town basin. 

    10 hours ago, JohnEW2912 said:

    We spent a few nights in the ACS marina at Circus Fields (for free!). There was a liveaboard in there staying for a week and he was so pleased with the location that he had put his name down for a permanent slot. He thought the £300 a month to be a bargain.


    The marina is on the edge of town rather than miles out and there is now a Lidl right next door.

    Yes. ACS are a nice bunch. Very welcoming and great facilities in the new basin. Hell of a waiting list though….

  9. Hi Martyn. I live in Aylesbury, but not on my boat. There are six residential moorings just by the Aylesbury basin. It was re-developed a few years ago and the Aylesbury Canal Society moved to a new Marina called Circus Field a few miles up the arm. We were promised waterside restaurants and bars. The truth is that it’s pretty stark. Big new Waitrose, Premier Inn and buildings for the college. I’d not want to live there. Aylesbury itself is ok. 

    Hope this is of some help!



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  10. Very similar to my own early 80s boat. Be sure it’s solid and you know what you are taking on.  A survey is a must. It may even save you money in the end as usually any bad points on the survey can be used to negotiate on price.  Projects can be fun.


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