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  1. 13 minutes ago, BEngo said:

    Look at Wyvern Shipping at Leoghton Buzzard.  Old established family  firm with really good boats and excellent in-person locking and boat handling tuition.

     Routes go up into the Chilterns, or North through Milton Keynes,  which is really leafy, by canal,  to Stoke Bruerne, the Waterway Museum and, if you are feeling brave, Blisworth Tunnel. 


    A good selection of  pubs either way.




    What he said. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, BEngo said:

    Wyvern Shipping at Leighton Buzzard.  Excellent boats. Family run company that has been in business for years and years.  Nice stretch of canal up into the  Chilterns or north to Stoke Bruerne where there is a tunnel, the Waterways Museum and a pictureskew village centered on the canal. Decent 0oselection of pubs either way.



    Yes. I was going to suggest them too. Really nice people and excellent well maintained fleet of boats. I am moored a few hundred yards away on a permenant leisure mooring. So do pop by and say hello if you hire one. 

  3. I am paying £2500 for an online leisure mooring with basic facilities. No security. No electric.  But a short walk / trip from bins, elsan & water.  Leisure, not residential. But CRT are turning a blind eye to a few boats that are obviously permanent homes.


    edited to add that there is a residential mooring available in the centre of Aylesbury. No good for you. But out of interest thats buy it now for £4700 with electric and water on site. 

  4. I am old. But have friends who have helped their student sons / daughers onto boats for uni. And its worked. Serious about the boat. You have seen the comments about 25k boats. You should take a look, it might be an option. All the best eitherway and good luck. Might be a good plan 👍👍

  5. Hi. This isnt so daft. I know a few students who have found boat life works for them. When you are young and love the waterways. Hassle around toilets, water, waste, mainenance, etc. can be manageable. Just allow for it vs. the cost of usual, (read boring), student accomodation. 

    if you are serious, I know of a circa 25k boat with BSS, good hull recently blacked and decent electrics that might suit. Please PM me for more information. 

    Cheers, Jak. 

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  6. I am not at all convinced that CRT are on top of this.  I know of boats local to me that have massively overstayed their restricted moorings. Here I am paying full price for my lesure mooring and watching them taking the P.  I would love to be a proper continuos cruiser, but for now I’ve a permanent job in a fixed location. That does not work for a proper CC in the spirit of the rules. 


    Tell me I am wrong, but CC is not for you. Its for people to enjoy a journey to explore the system. Not to punt around (20 miles a year, seriously) locally just to save paying for a permenant mooring.   Ffs,  this forum is full of people trying to get minimum travel to CC with permanent jobs and even school children. Not what its for. Get a mooring…

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  7. You might try it yourself. Its not that hard to remove a window, tidy the inevitable rust, treat and paint, apply sealant and re-install. Not sure how your window frames are attached?  Mine are riveted on so had to drill out the old ones and rivet back on. Cheapo Homebase tool did the job and now no leaks 👍


    As Tony says this assumes its not the windows themselves that are the problem…


  8. Mine expired last year when I left the exam a bit late, then failed needing a new gas hob.  Sourcing and fitting a new one, boat gas safe engineer, retest.  I contacted CRT and they weren’t bothered. Just said to keep in touch and get it sorted ASAP. In the end I think we were 2 or 3 weeks over. But very good point about the insurance. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:

    C&RT have conducted surveys to assess the number of liveaboards - the problem being as many are "keeping under the radar", they lie and the true figures are masked.

    I’d hazard a guess that almost 50% of long term moorers are actually live-a-boards from what I’ve seen. As you say “keeping under the radar”. No one seems to care. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, dmr said:

    Yes, every time we go past a marina full of new posh boats I do think "these good folk are subsidising my lifestyle". A lot of people hire boats, and there are a lot of gongoozlers, the narrowboat is even more iconic than the London Bus (Routemaster), I think we will be ok, though the routemaster has gone 😀i

    I also think this. The holiday business is huge, and those posh boaters arent short of a couple of quid.  Not at all convinced this is the end. 

  11. I’ve read through this. And unless Ive missed something really obvious, it seems to be a case of read before you sign. If you are not prepared to pay a non refundable deposit, why are you paying it?  I work in a business where we challenge contracts and understand exactly what we just signed. In private life I do the same. 

  12. 8 minutes ago, dmr said:

    I can't deide, boating and liveabard boating is really growing but a lot are entitled selfish folk, not the hardcore fanatic boaters of a few years ago. Will the new people on their £200,000 widebeams want to get their hands dirty and fix the canals?  and now we have the cyclists who are more interested in the fast tarmac surface and see the water, boats and bridge 'oles as a problem that needs modernising/removing. It could go either way. Proper boaters are dying out 😀

    Hit the nail on the head I think. But then does it matter?  I’m a hooby boater with a cheap project boat. But those guys at Crick with the 200k widebeam might be our saviours. What will they do if there is no where to float their mansion?

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