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  1. Thanks....if our retirement boating plans had gone well...our mooring would have been empty most of the time.....but it was not to be. ...but you are right about the extra value...that is what we had to pay 35 years ago when we bought it.
  2. Thanks Matty. I am fit and able - at least enough to handle viewings any time here at home. Finance matters, in terms of a fair price, but somewhat incidental within in the restriction of the framework I have with my wife's care programme and house move....an agent can be appointed to take my boat and sell it if we run out of time..
  3. Yes - The Avatar is Willpower...and me a few years ago. I appreciate the update in current thinking on prices and sales methods. I guess I need to get the details of Willpower listed on this forum, and go from there -
  4. Thanks enigmatic. I know of Alvecote marina. ... can contact them if my DIY sales efforts fail.
  5. Thanks dmr. The house sale is a separate issue from the boat sale. Although I have an EOG mooring, it is on CRT land only accessible from my garden (thus 50% discount on the fee). The CRT mooring is not mine to sell. I will have to vacate the mooring when I sell the house.
  6. Thanks Rob-M. That's useful to know...an hour cruise...and the boat is pointing the right way.
  7. TheBiscuits... I don't want to be offensive ... but would you be paying with a rubber cheque....but if your offer of £10k is serious - don't go away! I might be forced into a fire-sale to get rid of my boat quickly in order to give vacant possession to my property. For the moment I will put a sales pack together on this forum to see what interest there is.
  8. Thanks Tim.. it looks like a DIY sales job from judging by the the replies... for which I am grateful..
  9. My boat sale might be unique - I do not want to hold out for the highest price by over-stressing or exaggerating the features. Painting a glowing picture might increase the value but also disproportionately increase the expectations - and bring in it's wake a whole load of hassle if things went wrong. Painting the boat would be better - but I do not have time for that. A quick sale price is probably the best bet for me, but yes, a good clean makes sense...
  10. Alec. "...all you can think of..." blimey that's enough to keep me out of mischief or a while. I mentioned the 'project' aspect because I do not want any after-sales obligations or hassle and preferably nothing more than superficial cleaning, before I sell it, much along the lines you suggested. The sales price will reflect this.
  11. Thanks. Yes I agree. My boat is 'tired' and needs a it of TLC to make it presentable. Mechanically everything is in good working order and the engine bursts into life first time at the touch of the button. My concern is I have modernised it myself over the years with non-propriety products (diy things) and although with drawings and instructions, I suspect the new owner would not have a clue how to fix things if they went wrong.... and I certainly don't want to be pestered with emergency calls if it breaks down after I have sold it.... ...are these the sort of things sold as 'projects' .... and how is this factored into the sales price...coupled the fact it has extensive rust - as expected being 40 years old...but the hull is absolutely watertight with a perfectly dry bilge ... I will work an an ad to post here asap..
  12. Thanks for all the replies and good wishes. House sale is under way. It is boat disposal that is the problem. I will try an ad here to see what happens. Any tips on DIY sales - what to beware of - scams - re financing, warranties, etc.
  13. Regretfully due to age related physical impairment we have not been able to safely use our narrowboat for the last 3 years - it is just sat at the end of the garden collecting leaves - and spiders - and insurance - and CRT bills... Coupled to which our children have been asking us to move somewhere nearer to them so they can call in quickly if we need help. And last year we did need help. My wife was struck down by a stroke and I became her full time carer - leaving no time for chat rooms (if anybody has noticed my absence). I am saying this, not to seek sympathy, but as a matter of fact, so that my problems of boat disposal can be understood and answered. We are selling up our canal-side house, but being out of touch with boating things - and what with Covid - we wonder how best to go about it.
  14. Horace42


  15. Horace42


  16. Extract from message from CRT - Richard Parry - just received by email: '... we are asking leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel. As a result, and to help those who live-aboard (along with those who would need to travel to their boat in order to move it) we are suspending the requirement to move every 14 days. The suspension will be kept under review in line with revised government guidance, applying initially until 14 April....'
  17. ....and will you be able to get fully comp insurance on it.....?
  18. Except during construction...the noise will come from 'passing' traisn. Loud or not, soon out of earshot - and psychologically, as you know what it is - and gone in seconds - (thus ignored - and out of mind).....unlike, by comparison, for example, to noise from adjacent boats with engines running at unsociable hours - with no sign of any let up....! That is what irritates me.
  19. It is not beyond the wit of engineers and physicists to invent ways of providing 'heat' without CO2 emissions, or by containing it at source, or even collecting it afterwards. The blunt instrument of banning the use of fuel that causes the problem would just delay the solution - until the loss of 'heat' becomes serious and/or the alternative' fuel runs out. A tourniquet around the neck is a quick fix for a nose bleed.
  20. Thanks. There's great merit in what you say. A temporary marina makes sense if we 'live' on our boat in between selling and buying. Many years ago - first thinking of moving but in those days to a canal-side property - we would find a place for sale - moor up moor - knock on the door with a hold-all full of money and pay cash. But what is the price? Do you have any prices for non-rusting metal?
  21. Thanks Sea Dog for your kind thoughts. No complaints - and many happy years of boating. Goodness knows how much money (and time working on it) we have spent. An ignorance stemming from a simple 3 question philosophy on life when we have a free choice: Do we want it? Can we afford it? Do we need it? If a definite yes-yes-yes, then we go for it. Only 1 'no' usually kills it. Edit. Re keeping our boat, it gets 3 no's.
  22. Interesting point about stray electrics --- my boat at the end of my garden (unused and occupied for most of the year) is permanently connected to a 230vac land line (but fitted with galvanic isolators) If pitting takes place in the unpainted areas, even a brand new boat can have bare patches due to scratches - where the electric current focuses - then I imagine my boat would be full of holes by now - but is not - being absolutely dry in the bilge. Rain-water gets into the engine bilge when the covers are not on - and is pumped out when necessary.
  23. Yes! it was tongue -in-cheek on my part. Sorry.... it is my dry sense of humour frivolously creeping into a serious question about the longevity of a steel narrowboat. ........... and please don't call me Shirley!
  24. Yes Alan, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the surveyor... . Yes an 'opinion' - not traceable to any national standards for hull thickness - but based on many years of experience - and delivered with smug arrogance....a waste of money .... but regretfully a procedure embedded in the boat ownership 'system'. As you probably know know better than me, CRT with compulsory 3rd party insurance, and the insurers particularly for fully comp, make regular surveys mandatory for valuation. Having jumped through the hoops I am insured ...... except in my case .... although the insurance company might have to pay me for the 'loss' of my boat, and CRT for cost of emergency removal of an obstruction to navigation), there is a risk they might ague I am not insured for the latter, and sue me to recover their costs in excess of the insured value. It all comes down to trust I suppose....or lack of in my case. All on the more reason to give up boating.
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