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  1. Seems I have the same issue with the easystart Timer. The Eber is not firing up and is more or less dead :-/
  2. Hi Guys, I have also bought the easystart timer. Will try to get this sorted this week. According to the eberspacher support this heater and timer should be compliant. They also told me that You need to apply +12V to both the yellow AND the blue cable from the heater in order to get the eber to fire up. Will try to make a wiring diagram, unless someone already have done it sucessfully?
  3. Hello Rob, I am in the same situation. Bought a new D5z-H off Ebay but got no wiring diagrams even after hours of searching on the internet. Did You find / get any diagram? Is Your heater up and running now? Would be very happy if You or anyone could send any info to my mail tajjson@gmail.com Cheers, Thomas from Sweden
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