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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vulcan-Seals-Gland-Packing-Extractor-C-Type-Size-1-1-8-to-5-1-/114686525573?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 made for the job
  2. It’s something like that but mine is quiet in deeper water, not a sound on the Thames, only happens in shallower canals.
  3. Think that maybe sound advice, value it, tx
  4. Been suggested that I change the 3 blade prop for a 4 blade, bit more expensive but may stop turbulence….any views please?
  5. It’s not a vibration sound, 99% sure it’s turbulence or cavitation
  6. Understand, so 1cm about right? Useful Tx, so are you saying the anti cavitation plate should fit level with the step around the weedhatch, accepting that it will be a smaller size than the hole so not forming a seal?
  7. There is a 1cm gap between the bottom plate and the “step” in the boat body, should the plate sit on that ledge?
  8. The base plate of the weedhatch cover seems to sit above the step in the boat body, should it fit snuggly to the body? After vacuum broken sound is still there, should the bottom plate of the weedhatch cover fit snugly to the body? Am sure it does not
  9. Telling me something I hadn’t grasped. So the rope is to ensure the weedhatch cover doesn’t vibrate against any of the other metal of the boat? So why would it not vibrate in deeper water?
  10. Can’t wind it that way as their a down plate going that way
  11. Back on the Oxford Canal, immediately the noise returned. I am convinced it is turbulence , cavitation noise. As suggested I wrapped rope around the bottom plate as shown but that made no difference. Also have released the vacuum by nicking the seal but to little effect. There is no noise at 1000 revs but put it higher and back it comes. Go into deeper water and it greatly reduces. I’ve been asked for some measurements, top plate to bottom plate is 30 cm tip of prop is 18 cm below water line Prop is 8cm from bottom plate any more suggestions please
  12. Tx Tony. If they r full assume I’ll go north on canal, any moorings along there? I’ve committed when I come thru the channel I think?
  13. Advice please. On Thames in Abingdon and coming up stream and onto Oxford Canal. Want to spend a couple of days in Oxford and hope to find a quiet secure, safe mooring with easy access to Oxford centre. Should I stay on river to Dukes cut or onto OC as soon as. Any recommendations Re moorings please.
  14. That’s very useful, tx for taking time
  15. Not sure what you mean by down plate, photos attached So simply wrapping cord around bottom plate…..how does that prove where it’s coming from? Tx
  16. Confused Re mussels? If it helps, when I’ve been on the Thames been at time 1400 revs, there is a noise which is acceptable and sounds much like the problem noise but much quieter. This is one of the reasons I think there’s a turbulence issue Any dangers of trying the nick idea?
  17. Would welcome any more views…update. I’ve been out on it now for 4 weeks, down the GU the noise was on and off but when I got on the Thames…no noise. I am firmly of the opinion that it’s a turbulence, cavitation noise exacerbated with shallow water. There have been some suggestion that it’s to do with plates etc in the weedhatch causing problems, I agree with this. There is still a very strong vacuum when I try and remove weedhatch..any connection? Anything I could try . Tx to all again?
  18. Many tx for all the suggestions, going thru them on Tripadvisor. Am now 2 days in Windsor, then heading slowly upstream on Friday, no hurry.
  19. Tx, will certainly take a look, website looks impressive. Does it have own moorings?
  20. Now in Staines and going west on Thames, need a quality pub/restaurant, preferably with moorings, to celebrate a special day. All suggestions greatly received. Reading web reviews we have found can be most misleading
  21. Hi Tony, so you would recommend removing all the old stuff?
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