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  1. barrysnowball

    Inverter earth

    And you are still here to tell the tale. So it works. I wouldn't trust those distributors. 240AC will kill, wherever it comes from. Did your rcd still work ok?
  2. barrysnowball

    Inverter earth

    Thanks, WotEver. I will get in touch with them.
  3. barrysnowball

    Inverter earth

    My plug tester shows all correct when on shore line, but when running on inverter, it shows earth fault. I have a RICH ELECTRIC INVERTEK 1500w inverter. There is an external earth connection from the casing to the boat circuitry. I have been told to connect earth and neutral inside the inverters output. Will this work, or will it damage the inverter or the boat's breakers?
  4. barrysnowball


  5. barrysnowball

    fuel consumption

    Thanks for all the useful comments. In answer to "Which do I want", it is most certainly on old thumper. I love working on engines, and they were so beautifully engineered. I'm glad that fuel costs is no longer a deciding factor. All I have to do now is find the right boat. The searching will be as pleasant as the buying. Thanks again for all your replies. Barry.
  6. barrysnowball

    fuel consumption

    If I had 2 narrowboats which in all other respects were the same, but one had an old low revving thumper, and the other had a modern high revving growler, which would have the better fuel economy?

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