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  1. Awesome thanks was a little unsure with the price so low
  2. Hi we have a small 16ft cruiser and want to up date the navigation lights to comply with the regulations for when using our boat at night or in low visibility. This is what we are currently looking at purchasing http://www.mailspeedmarine.com/navigation-search-lights/mailspeed-marine/combo-navigation-light-mast.bhtml ? would this be suitable ? Thanks in Advance
  3. hi yes we did and got petrol from the BP station when we found some were to moor
  4. Hi yes that would of been us after taking advice of you guys we decided to go no further up the trent than just above Torsky and return home to be better prepared/ equipped for this voyage. my email address is jack dot berrisford at yahoo co uk if you wanted to pm me. Thanks Jack
  5. Thank you all for all the info looking forward to doing this route soon
  6. Hi i am fairly new to boating me and my wife have a small 16ft microplues cabin cruiser with a Yamaha 9.9hp 4 stroke outboard engine which we have been using on the Trent up to as far as Gainsbourgh but we are hoping to travil to brough on the humber about 7 miles from trent falls and was wondering if any one as done this before ? i understand that correct tide calculations and having the tide pushing us is very important and we are of course equipped with lifejackets, VHF radio, and up to date charts of the Humber and upper trent. would this be doable ? we get a steady 6.5 knots at crusing speed when not against currents/tides and maybe a little more at full throttle also the boat is design as a sea going boat with planing hull and this model of boat is used a lot for of coast fishing altho usually with a bigger engine. any advice from anyone who has had experience with this would be much appreciated. thanks jack
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