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  1. ”As a broker” .... you do realise that despite you have spent £xx k on it in the last three years it’s only worth £5000,00 to A blind man with no sense of smell and no mates to advise them 



    Actually said to a chap who said it was worth 45k .. 1970/  1980’s Harborough cruiser stern Fiberglass top .. last year 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, dmr said:

    So whats the history? why are there two historic boats both called Tipton? Are the names original. The Tipton I referred too was less than full length, its not the two ends of the same original boat is it ? ?



    Tipton #1 is a Yarwoods built Guccco Motor image.png.f0ec54e7602f463a59e72ab587610fcf.png

    Tipton #2 image.png.d03825425d113c76c82bd51e86d37865.png we have number 2 ... Madcat's is #1---- all cleared up .....mmmmm beer 

  3. 42 minutes ago, dmr said:

    How long have you had Tipton and what are your plans? I remember her as a quite pretty unconverted boat, are you doing an undercloth thing or putting on a full cabin? I believe she was previously purchased by a member of this forum who spent ages trying to get her. Before that she was a coal boat on the K&A, I assume this is the same boat?



    You are thinking of the "other" Tipton Dave

    This one has been in the owners care for 30 years


  4. 3 hours ago, BEngo said:

    Modern fridge casings are the same for both 12v and 240v.  They are the same size as older ones.  The insides are not!  That is the price of efficiency.  Condensers are usually on the sides now, so  the effective width of the fridge has gone up by 100 mm to allow enough vent space either side.  Plan your kitchen accordingly.  Include a bilge fan for a 12v fridge, to improve efficiency.

    All fridges eat power, so a solar panel to collect enough for the chosen fridge  is a good idea that allows you to stop in one place for a couple of days without starting up an engine.



    Going down the mains route now for sure , NO solar panel as a) I dont like clutter on my cabin top and b) I really do not need one 

    Decent alternator / battery setup and all will be good for what we need 

    However I will put a 12v computer fan in to aid with air flow .. top idea thank you


  5. 2 minutes ago, LadyG said:

    You have to buy an inverter

    Got one already 

    11 minutes ago, nicknorman said:

    It makes a lot of sense to go for a mains fridge - cheaper, more efficient. The overall power consumption will probably be pretty similar after taking into account inverter losses. The only counter-argument is that the reliability of refrigeration on board will become the product of the fridge reliability x inverter reliability, ie lower. So it depends on how much of a disaster losing the fridge due to loss of mains power would be.

    Victron imo is reliable enough , however I do have a spare sterling inverter that I can bung in a box onboard just in case .. your comments Nick echo what I feel 

  6. Planning the fit on Tipton and got to thinking of fridges ... 

    I have always previously gone down the shoreline 12 v route and been happy ..but technology and kit changes along with our needs 

    Tip will be built for boating and is not intended to be a long term Liveaboard so I was thinking that a off the shelf household fridge running off the victron inverter whilst not as power frugal as a shoreline is a dammed sight cheaper 

    please convince me why or why not to go down this road ...I am open to all suggestions 


  7. Slightly off topic but slightly relevant ...

    would a travel power kicking out 3kv be as efficient to feed a victron combi to support the 240 and charge the batts when boating than having a separate 12v alt for battery charging ???

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