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  1. On 10/07/2024 at 13:57, rivergate said:

    Thanks everyone...I really appreciate your posts here - they have helped a lot 🙂


    ..now if anyone has contact details for Phoenix Carriers shout me! 😁👊

    I have a contact number for Richard …and can pass on a message

  2. 21 hours ago, DShK said:

    My take 


    Too expensive for a deconversion

    Bit crap for a liveaboard

    Wooden forward cabin

    We thought about it prior to CYPRUS and immediately agreed it’s not the right boat for us 

    it’s not really a cabin boat as the conversion. Kn my opinion. Is shyte

    and it is not financially viable to change or reconvert to working trim 

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  3. As we’re setting off for Brinklow soon ( the long way round) I really do need to attend to CYPRUS’s gearbox as it doesn’t seem to hold back with any efficiency 

    now I do know that David put a really good crowther prop on so I presume it’s down to gearbox adjustment 

    I have been told by a couple of reliable sources it’s just a matter of taking the control rod off the box and adjusting it forwards or backwards a quarter of a turn to see how it is 

    has anyone actually done this or am I walking into a minefield 

    Happy to get hands dirty BUT have never touched one of these boxes……all advice/ info gratefully appreciated 


  4. On 19/10/2023 at 16:36, Tigerr said:

    Looks like we might need to use the bowthrusters. Hopefully nobody will hear over the screaming wind and crashing waves. 

    I am actually wondering if we will leave port at all tomorrow, but we are setting off from Southampton, evening, so by the time we hit the Forties (which looks like something out of The Perfect Storm) it will be Sunday, and maybe it will have calmed down. But if this thing from Portugal comes up the Channel I can see us stuck in Southampton for the weekend. 

    Memories of an awful family holiday force 6 overnight crossing to Le Havre in the 1960's - the ferry was literally awash with puke...much of it mine. 

    I used to love the cross channel runs when it was as rough as hell ..9/10 eat and drink as much as you liked for free as everyone else was as sick as a dog 

    me and my mate mike just laughed it all off and had another brekkie with a chaser 

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  5. On 13/09/2023 at 14:14, Mike Bowden said:

    Hi all,


    I am looking to purchase a narrowboat and have up to a £130k budget.  Should I look at brokers or look to buy privately.  For brokers, is Rugby Boats a good broker?

    Late to the party hence the edit lol 

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