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  1. 1 hour ago, Hudds Lad said:

    usually pumping out some sort of Belgian hoover music rather than anything good :( 


    Heh. Excellent phrase, I'm going to steal it.


    We know what stuff you like to listen to from the song name game, and most of the others on boats would probably prefer the hoover!


    (Heathens! ;))



  2. On 05/09/2023 at 12:16, DHutch said:

    Wigan DD doesn't have any power provision, and is in Wigan.


    There is 110V mains on site at Wigan, just look up and find the yellow connectors.


    It's also the nearest dry dock to Wigan Central bar ;)



    I believe it's £300 a week now, in on Friday morning out the following Friday.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Tonka said:

    Coming from someone who lambusts surveyors is a bit much


    Not really.  Alan is very clear that he won't bother with surveys again but he has extensive experience with many different boats so he essentially does his own survey.


    He doesn't say that everyone else should do the same, and in fact often recommends that new boaters get a survey.


    Don't get him started about BSS inspectors though ;)


  4. Bingley Marine were an offshoot of a fuel tank company in Bingley.


    Looking at some of the welding on my Bingley boat I have wondered if they let the apprentice try his hand at boats before allowing him to do fuel tanks ...


    If it doesn't sink it's a good seam!


    That's a bit tongue in cheek really, at my last survey a couple of years ago the surveyor's summary was "keep doing what you're doing and I'll see you in five years" which beats the pants off "needs overplating!"




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  5. 2 hours ago, MtB said:


    He was over-complicating things. A reluctant vintage diesel will usually start just by aiming a blowlamp at the air intake whilst turning it over.


    A lit blowlamp, obviously! 


    Best not do this on an engine with an air filter on it though, especially not an oil bath type! 



    Are you suggesting that the plastic and paper cartridge type are better than the oil baths for the blowlamp treatment?

  6. 2 minutes ago, jonathanA said:

    top lock at Wheelton on L&L


    do Leffe on draught but would only serve SWMBO a half 'its a bit strong for a lass love' 


    got a second in whilst using the service block opposite. 


    Shut again, has been for months.  Waiting for a new mug to sign a lease.


    The Kirkless Hall Inn reopened last year though - second to the top lock on Wigan Flight, so quite tempting to stop but not advisable!  We once got told off for leaving a trip boat in the lock and going for a meal, despite being the only boat moving on the flight heading for the dry dock.



    Anchor Inn at Gargrave is right on the lock, sadly it's a pretend pub attached to a Premier Inn.  The last time we went in we looked at the beer selection and ordered a jug of Pimms ...

  7. 3 hours ago, M_JG said:

    being a smaller compartment they use less leccy, which if you are paying for it is an advantage.


    3 hours ago, M_JG said:

    But if you generate your own power as on a boat with solar this isnt really a relevant factor.


    Hard disagree!  If you make your own electric from sunshine/wind/magic pixies as opposed to hookup or otherwise wasted diesel while cruising you are far more likely to want to save every precious kWh....


    In summer it's less of an issue, so can someone arrange summer to happen please. Soon would be good!

  8. 19 hours ago, PeterF said:

    We have been offered Hempadur 45143 and Hempel said it was good for use on other 2-pack epoxy blackings as long as the previous coat was adherent and was mechanically abraded before coating. The work is planned for next year so I do not have proof of this.


    I've done this over a previous, no longer available 2-pack.  It does need to be thoroughly cleaned before and after grinding/ abrading and I've only lost bits of it where bits of canal infrastructure got in the way ;)


    I've used it, and this technique of several other boats too and have always been pleased with the results.


    Usually get it from King's Lock chandlery, and will use it again next time.

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