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  1. 9 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    Well, a 5p is considerably bigger than a 6d coin


    Are you sure?  The old 5 new pence was obviously larger,  but the new 5 pence is smaller diameter.


    18mm (new 5p) vs 19.4mm (6d) if it matters.


    The old 5p was 23.59mm or about the size of a shilling ;)


  2. 18 minutes ago, john6767 said:

    In our case it will be 30 days from the start of the outbound to the return, so it would not let us do it as one booking.  So when we return I will make a new booking.  It was a combination of 28 days and not a month, and the fact that the clock starts when you enter start the Bridgwater outbound 7 days, that had me confused to start with, as I was thinking our 30 days would count as one trip but it does not.


    Fair enough.  The one that's caught me out before is that you can't book passage for the same day, so if you suddenly decide you want to go onto the Bridgewater today you have to wait until tomorrow.  Or ring CRT and grumble at them! 😁

  3. 5 minutes ago, john6767 said:

    You get 7 days for and outward journey plus an optional additional 3 days for a return journey within 28 days from the first day of the out bound journey.  The wording used does not make sense if you example you are using it like we just did for tansit from T&M to the Leeds Liverpool, but that is how it works.


    So are you not returning within 28 days? If you are you'll need to use the 3-day bit to get back as you can't make 2 separate bookings in any 28 day period.


    If you're going across the Mersey, across the Ribble or up Wigan flight you won't need to bother booking the Bridgewater passage.


    Of course if you're spending more than a month this side of Leigh it doesn't matter anyway, it's a separate journey booking for the Bridgewater.



  4. 6 hours ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    Anyone with a home mooring pays the equivalent of the local EOG fee, which covers mooring to CRT land for the same period.


    But they don't.  The NAA marina charge is 9%, as stated in the agreement.  


    The fact you're paying over 100% EoG is ignored by both the "CCrs" and the Marina moorers.


    And you'll still get grief from them for mentioning it!


    Divide et impera, indeed ...




  5. 4 hours ago, Mac of Cygnet said:

    That's where the cafe boat (Moonraker?) used to be - I last saw it in Lincoln.  My favourite mooring in Slawit right next to bakery, brewery and dog walks and handy for the best pub, the Commercial.


    And you need to rest up a bit before or after doing that manual guillotine gate!


    99 turns, and it's not that light ...

  6. On 12/04/2024 at 14:56, Puffling said:

    Comment from bystander Matthew Fell with typos corrected. Jeez, the Hudds Examiner used to have better writing than this when I bought it as a paper...


    When people bought papers the local rag could afford journalists...

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  7. 1 minute ago, MrsM said:

    Yes that's a beauty! And I guess has insurance and a boat safety cert. What a character - good on him. And a proper CCer too 😄


    He does.  A trading licence last time I spoke to him.


    We do like Ben.  He's nuts, but in a good way!


    He wanted to CC more than CRT would let him.  Taking an unpowered raft like that through River Lock onto the River Aire was firmly stopped by CRT.  


    I'm guessing he wasn't aware of the weirs on the river...

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  8. 5 hours ago, NB Esk said:

    Shown are before and after pictures of the restoration.


    It must have taken you ages to get all that green paint off and hand apply the yellow and reddish brown effect ...

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  9. On 08/04/2024 at 13:31, BoatinglifeupNorth said:

     Last time I seen a bicycle chain on a boat it was attached to a paddle gear with a woman peddling like the clappers going nowhere fast, living on the k&A.

    Is she still cycling along there?




    On 08/04/2024 at 14:09, Alan de Enfield said:


    No, she was forced off the canals by C&RT (her side of the story) and ended up in a tranny van.


    Shame that.  I was going to joke she's still pedalling and has moved nearly 2 miles in the last 10 years.

  10. 1 hour ago, cornishdave said:

    We're starting at Silsden for two weeks - initial thought is to go down the five rise to somewhere like Shipley Junction, then back and along to Wigan flight. Appreciate that any number of things such as queues/weather/water shortages can change matters 🙂


    Back on topic, I think you'll struggle doing that in a fortnight.  There''s no point planning 12 hour days when you can't get through as there are time restrictions on the locks.




    Because of the spacing between flights it makes it quite difficult to do it quickly, and you may well find yourselves arriving at a flight of locks that were padlocked shut half an hour ago when there are still many hours of daylight left.


  11. 10 minutes ago, dmr said:


    Yes, we do have a liitle pang of sadness each time we turn let coming out of the Leigh branch, but even more as we pass the turn to the Rufford Arm. Still dream of a second "Northern Boat" but think two boats is just too much maintanance. Have invested in some premium bonds 😀


    ...........and we do do the Manchester 18 twice every year 😀


    If you saw the patio off the front she might fit :icecream:


    Joking aside, a 60 footer would give you access to the C&H and the Hudd Broad as well as the L&L from Leeds to Tarleton.  You'd just need somewhere to store the offcut and it's contents.


    I believe there are some places very near you that encourage "Kindness" maybe they have a shed.  Or just borrow Jim's boat!

  12. Just now, dmr said:

    Not sure about the wisdom of going down Wigan flight just to turn and go back up 😀.

    You would need to get right through Wgan (which is a few more locks) and get to at least Crooke Hall which is probably too far, but the L&L from just beyond Wigan to just outside of Liverpool is a very nice bit of canal.


    "Because it's there" was good enough for Edmund Hillary on Everest...


    Crooke is an easy run from Wigan, I've often done Wigan Top to Crooke in a single day's journey.


    Admittedly the time I had a leisurely lunchtime pint at Wigan Central meant I was mooring by torchlight!


    I reckon it's sour grapes because Vox won't fit up the flight. 😁

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