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  1. 1 hour ago, magpie patrick said:

    I realise this depends on the geographical unit.

    Connected system?


    Great Britain?

    The British Isles?

    Its a fair bet England has the Eastern and Southern contenders. But where would the northern and western outliers be by each definition? 


    I'd offer these



    Connected system - Lancaster Canal

    England - Ulverston Canal if the Tees Navigation doesn't count

    Great Britain - Dingwall Canal as per OP

    The British Isles - Dingwall Canal as per OP



    Connected system - Llangollen Canal

    England - Bude Canal

    Great Britain - Crinan Canal

    The British Isles - Cong Canal

  2. 2 minutes ago, Iain_S said:

    I am a volunteer locky on the East side of the Forth and Clyde canal. 
    The locks divide into two flights. One is 14 locks on a three mile stretch. The other is 4 locks over about two miles and is about 5 miles from the first flight. We use bikes. What would you suggest as an alternative, bearing in mind that boats travel a bit faster than walking pace?



    Jetskis ... 

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Goliath said:

    people walking with coffee is wrong. Surprised it’s not an health and safety issue. Why can’t they wait til they get home for a coffee. And where do they buy them? You can be out in the sticks and a couple will walk by with coffees. 


    Off the roving trader coffee boats, obviously.  Should be encouraged ...

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  4. 23 minutes ago, PeterScott said:




    On this day in 2004. It worked OK with the cruiser tight on our rear fender, although the rope fixing points weren't quite 'cross-straps' in the proper sense ...


    Take the towline round the pulpit rail uprights and tie off on the cleat.  Works well unless the deck is so rotten the pulpit separates from the boat ...


    DAMHIK ! 

  5. Odd this.


    I have always found cyclists on the Calder & Hebble to be far and away the most polite and courteous on the network. 


    Maybe being a six foot hairy bloke helps, but I think my usual practice of twirling the handspike like a quarterstaff is the main reason. 



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  6. 20 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:

    you should be able to jury-rig the necessary equipment - that could simply mean lashing a spade or pole to the stern and making a 'steering board'.


    Not disagreeing, but you probably know better than I do that a bodge-it-and-scarper jury rigged rudder might work acceptably offshore to get you back towards land but would be a lot less useful in a restricted channel.


    Better than nothing, but not as good as a tow to the boatyard!

  7. 1 hour ago, Alan de Enfield said:
    • improvisation of jury rigs following gear failure


    (which requires a modicum of ability to actually 'do stuff', ie rig a temporary rudder)


    Her rudder was considerably heavier than a gas bottle.  You might choose to criticise her approach with dealing with the issue, but she wasn't so stupid as to try and lift it off on her own.


    I didn't ask the lady her weight - I was taught that's considered rude -  but I suspect the rudder and tiller together were more than her bodyweight.



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  8. 3 hours ago, Naughty Cal said:

    Something doesn't sit right there. RYA yachtmaster fails to change gas bottle on canal boat 🙄


    In fairness to Jo, I know several Yachtmasters who are no longer physically capable of swapping a 13 kilo propane bottle into a gas locker.


    Us whippersnappers should remember it might be us one day if we make it that far.

  9. 1 minute ago, MtB said:

    Dammit I was saving cheese on toast for later in the debate!! 


    It's probably my most frequently cooked toast, either as a two-slice toastie for simplicity or with another pan inverted over it to melt the cheese.  You don't get the brown/black bubbly bits though unless you use a blowlamp...

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