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  1. 2 minutes ago, springy said:


    My Reading of this :-


    Everyone - any organised canalside gathering of more than 25 people, so all of the boat gatherings big (at more cost) or small, all of the societies gatherings, just about anyone they can get money from. Thinking locally - bumble hole, stourbridge, tipton, brownhills, titford, gatherings. Maybe even "organised cruises" such as BCNS Explorer or even the Challenge.






    Well yes.  Such events have always supposed to have been notified and registered with CRT, it's just that now they will charge for the time and effort spent processing such applications.



  2. 12 minutes ago, IanD said:


    According to Canalplan, for me to get from Sheffield to Park Farm is 153 locks (and 147 miles) via the Rochdale and 123 locks (and 203 miles) via the L&L taking about 7h longer --  so no, not the same number of locks... 😉


    (HNC is 5m shorter but 5 locks more than the Rochdale)


    Well yes, but that's not what you said ...


    4 hours ago, IanD said:

    Rochdale vs. L&L preference rather depends on which you love/hate more, locks or swing bridges... 😉


    8 minutes ago, Captain Pegg said:

    Shall we ignore the fact that I'm going from Huddersfield back across the Pennines to the top of the Trent & Mersey because Ian's doing something different at the same time?



    We could if you want, but it would seem churlish!


    I'd probably go via the Rochdale from Hudd if it is open, but the L&L route is nice if it's open.


    There's some very good pubs up through Calderdale which may have some bearing on this!

  3. 13 minutes ago, IanD said:

    I'm afraid that the "real CCers" like you will be collateral damage in the struggle to extract more money from the "CMers"... 



    Thing is, I don't mind paying more - it's obvious that CRT need more money and boaters are an obvious source.


    What annoys me is that hugely increasing CCer fees won't actually solve the CMer "problem"


    I may write a rant about this later when I have time ....

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Midnight said:

    That's what I mean't when I said it would be acceptable. At our club any boat that doesn't use it's home mooring for two years would not get a renewal. During those two years, if asked by C&RT, we would confirm it was the boat's home mooring.


    Fair enough.  At our club they didn't care if I used the mooring or not as long as I paid for it, did my share on work parties and was active in club events.

  5. Just now, IanD said:

     one reason for CART looking at adding a "CC surcharge" is almost certainly the behaviour of the "CMers" who declare that they're "Continuously Cruising", and then ignore both the letter and the spirit of the law to the detriment of other canal users who either genuinely CC or pay for a home mooring.


    True, but I don't think charging me more money will help with that issue.


    Better enforcement would, or using the powers they don't bother with under the byelaws to physically remove boats from the specific location.  I don't mean Section 8 and crane them out, I mean grab a CMer and tow them a couple of (tens of?) miles away then charge them for this ...

  6. 1 minute ago, Midnight said:

     And surely that would be acceptable as C&RT would get a proportion of the mooring fee. Problems for you would only occur if the mooring operator rented out your vacant mooring to another boat which declared a home mooring. e.g. moorings with 20 berths and 30 boats with home moorings declared there. At the club we love boats to go out for the summer so we can offer temporary moorings to visiting boats - double money - but any visiting boat that tried to declare a 'ghost' home mooring would soon be discovered. C&RT maybe be dim but not that dim.


    Nah, it's an AWCC boat club so it's often got visiting boats for a fortnight.


    I'm quite happy for the mooring officer to use my allocated space if I'm not using it, and in the event of any pushback from CRT I would simply show them my annual mooring invoice.


    For clarity, I wouldn't be pretending to have a mooring, I'd actually have one that other boats mostly use.

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  7. 20 hours ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    We have one boat on our mooring who in reality continually cruises but maintains the mooring for when he needs to leave the boat somewhere secure while doing other things. It's been almost a year, I think, since he was there. I'm not sure how he classes himself to CRT, or how they classify him. It's not a ghost mooring, because it's genuine, so he pays farm rent and EOG to CRT. Currently it makes no difference but it certainly would be an injustice if they reclassified him CC, raised his licence fee but still demanded the EOG. I just hope they have a facility for dealing with anomalies.


    Quite.  If they double my "Boat without a home mooring" licence fee I'll once again pay for a mooring that I won't use.


    I did that for four years, and I never had the boat on the mooring for more than 14 days except for one continuous 7 week period during a stoppage nearby.  


    That's why I decided to go Cc'ing and spend the mooring fee on diesel instead.


  8. On 12/03/2023 at 08:45, MtB said:

    I have to admit I've never seen depleted uranium for sale, not even in the really big branches of Wickes.


    Irritate the USA enough and they'll donate some to you at high velocity ...

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