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  1. Thanks Ray, I was hoping to get it done in situ, but I'll keep them in mind
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a service engineer for an eberspacher heater near to Warwick, any recommendations please? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone, I'm juggling various options. Would there be any volunteers to help me with the Northampton to Hartford section, as suggested by Hadley? Happy to make a contribution of course
  4. Hi, I've recently fitted new leisure batteries, the starting battery is fine. I'm plugged into shore power. The Sterling inverter/charger fan keeps coming on, might there be a reason for this or is it likely to be faulty? The fan used to come on fairly regularly before changing the batteries. I don't live on the boat any more and nothing is turned on except the Inverter. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to move my boat 70ft nb from Saltisford to Hartford marina in Cambridgeshire. I've not taken her out for trips of this length but am confident with general handling/locks/mooring etc. I've looked into the route and asked for a quote for having it moved. I understand that the River Nene floods and Salter's lode needs to be timed correctly due to the boat length. I'm happy that the engine etc is in good condition but haven't done much river cruising. Does anyone have any knowledge about how difficult the Nene/Salter's lode/River negotiations could be? I might have a friend along to help, either experienced or not. Any thoughts or other observations would be very gratefully received Thanks
  6. Just checked the prv and you're spot on, there's a constant dribble. I've tried wriggling the red cap on the body to no effect. Is there another answer or do I need to replace it? Many thanks
  7. I forgot to say, I'm located in Warwick
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for a service engineer to look at my Morco D61B? It hasn't been used for a long time and the main burner won't stay alight Thanks
  9. I have the same pump and a different problem. Ii regularly kicks in for say 10 seconds, even when there are no taps open. Presuming that I don't have a leak, is it more likely that it's faulty or that the pressure vessel is knackered? Many thanks
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a temporary mooring between Stratford upon Avon and the Leamington area from the middle of June for up to a month, would anyone know of anything that might be available? It doesn't need to have any facilities as long as I can get to it t finish a couple of minor jobs on the interior. It could be a commercial location or the back end of someones garden, I'll take pretty much anything! Thanks Mike
  11. The heating on my boat hasn't worked for a long time and I've happily got by with the log burner. I've recently replaced my eberspacher d5wsc and it works fine for heating the radiators but not the water in the calorifier. I've opened the valve that balances the heated water from the eberspacher but it's only warm at the tap. Is there anything else I can do or am I going to have to replace the calorifier? Any other thoughts gratefully received Mike
  12. My eberspacher is chugging along nicely with the radiators getting hot but the water at the taps is only lukewarm? Any thoughts on how to get it hot? I didn't think there was any adjustment on the eberspacher for water temperature. Might it be something to do with the tank? Thanks Mike
  13. Sorry for the suspense, I'm not at the boat for a few days now, so will dip it next week...I'll post the results. I put 100litres in so definitely enough in the tank!
  14. The tank hasn't had fresh fuel, because it wasn't needed, for probably 5 years. We narrowed down the reason for the eberspacher not working to fuel, I rigged up a temporary tank with fresh fuel and it works fine. As I say, I don't know specifically what the issue is, maybe just draining the tank and refilling with fresh fuel will do the job.......?
  15. I need to get my fuel tank cleaned, I think it had some old diesel along with new fuel, maybe bug, debris, who knows. Any recommendations for services that might help in Warwickshire?
  16. We tested the batteries as part of a check to find why my eberspacher wasn't working. The tester showed they were duff. You've made me doubt which setting the inverter was left on, pretty sure it was the "linked to shoreline" option though. Happy to be told if I'm doing something wrong!
  17. There's no immersion, 240 v fridge and freezer are in use as they have been throughout. Yes, it's plugged into a shoreline but the supply has tripped out a few times.........think I might have found my own solution?
  18. Hi folks, I have a live aboard narrowboat with 4+1 batteries and a sterling inverter/charger. My inverter fan keeps coming on. The only thing that is different is that 'Ive recently changed my battery bank. Any thoughts on why this might be? Thanks Mike
  19. Hi folks, Does anyone have any experience and comments about the company Heatso, their supplies and service? Thanks Mike
  20. Thanks Wotever, is there a particular issue with the voltage? What am I checking?
  21. I only have the single sheet a5 format one that tells me how to use the heater. Any other one would be great, thanks
  22. I've recently replaced a dead eberspacher d5wsc with a refurbished unit. I changed the control unit for a brand new one so thought all would be well. It's stopped working a couple of times, I take the control unit off, which is in perfect condition, refit it and it works fine. If I then try it again later in the day, it doesn't fire up at all, no clicks, whirrs etc. Are there any other users with experience who could advise on the csuse/solution? Thanks Mike
  23. Thanks for all your help folks, it's really useful. Would anyone recommend a haulage company in particular? Mike
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