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  1. 18 minutes ago, David Mack said:

    Zinger and Galvafroid are zinc rich paints. So I would have thought overcoating them with epoxy would give rise to the same concerns as applying epoxy over any other non-epoxy coating.

    You black over the top of Zinga, I used zinga blacking unfortunately it goes silver in the sun 😪. Since then it's been keelblack for cosmetic reasons. Next time I might use black anrifoul 

  2. 1 hour ago, Peanut said:

    Magic, they require rather hefty transformers.


    2 hours ago, Peanut said:

    Magic, they require rather hefty transformers.


    10 minutes ago, jonathanA said:

    I think they were actually GIs, I'm pretty sure safeshore (?) Still sell a plug in version.

    I did wonder about them as the ITs I had seen were large

  3. 2 hours ago, GUMPY said:

    Being really picky an IT should be at the supply and not on the boat.

    Think of the scenario when the IT is on the boat and the cable going to the boat gets damaged and shorts to the boat, if it's the earth then you lose your galvanic  protection and you might never know.

    They were selling inline ITs in the cables on an advert I saw a couple of years ago?

  4. 7 hours ago, IanD said:

    The HNC is hardly alone in that, regardless of how long your legs are... 😞 


    Lovely canal, shame about the maintenance/stoppages and how few people use it...

    As I said, I tried to walk on the Macclesfield the other week, the nettles, brambles giant showed etc was above our heads! It was an impenetrable jungle, locals are complaining, I told them boats are having to carry tools to cut it back so they can moor. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Peanut said:

    Diagrams show the earth connected to the hull, which is all well if you have a steel boat. With a yoghurt pot, do you need a grounding plate on the outside?


    Or do you have a centre tapping on the transformer, or some other connection?

    My Broads cruiser had one, bolt on the inside to a plate on the outside, all earths on the boat terminated on it. That included the one to the inverter. Now it was under the floor and fitted out in the 80s so don't think it was ever messed with

  6. 7 hours ago, Annie cariad said:

    Moored last night behind a boat who's engine kept starting up ,run for 30 minutes or so ,then stop . Turned out to be a hybrid electric with a diesel generator which started when the batteries needed a top up . What a nightmare boat with the weather this year they are getting little solar so burn diesel every day. Planet saver ......lol

    Like IanD I have a serial hybrid, unlike Ian's mine isnt automatic, I have 5 kw of solar so mostly manage ok, winter time I start the generator when needed but mostly whilst moving to stop moorers being disturbed. Ian's generator I suspect will be virtually silent as it is possibly the best series hybrid money can buy

  7. 38 minutes ago, Oddjob said:

    I got some lithium for a fit out of a 4x4 off road camping trip just finished the trip in Australia. Good trip but for the mozy bite that gave me “ross river virus” just waiting for WHO to came up with a vaccine for it lol. I got 120 amp batteries hr for £1.80 per amp £216 I got two and ran it as one 240 amp hr. They also do 200 & 300 amp hr but they cost more like £2.63 per amp. 

    Miss the boat life but out back camping comes close. Now back home in Goa (wife India born) monsoon rains like 2 meters in 6 weeks so alls good for us. 

    regards to all on the cut



    Goa is lovely, really nice people, could easily live there 

  8. 15 hours ago, MtB said:


    For now. 


    Once the very richest (who are the most globally mobile) start pushing off elsewhere, the remainder of us will be facing massive tax rises just for the UK tax take to stand still.


    One third of the UK income tax take for example, is paid by the richest 1%. We need to hang onto them, not start inflicting lefty 'social justice' on them. 



    That can't be true Mike, I have been saying it to the lefties on here for days and they just say good riddance to them! Wait until labour has emptied their pockets and they will remember yours and my words

  9. 5 minutes ago, cheesegas said:

    I’d love a series hybrid boat as a CC’r. Big lifepo4 bank for propulsion and house duties, near silent capsule genny for fast charging in winter (no more having to run a 30hp diesel for only 1kw of charging!) and for extended cruising. 

    Just need a couple months off work and a small workshop to do the conversion…it’ll never happen!

    I did mine myself  so you could to

  10. 3 hours ago, Bacchus said:

    Doesn't look that different in photographs, but looking very smart in the flesh now (a lot of the old paint had gone chalky and matt)

    I used Toplac plus - new formula doesn't require tipping and goes on very nicely!



    She looks extremely good, my anti foul was supposed to be red, however its black! Yours is a well balanced looking boat, the proportions are just right

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  11. 42 minutes ago, Paladine said:

    The malaise doesn't just affect the canals. Here on the Broads budget cuts are biting. These photos are of very popular EA mooring. There are two paths, one alongside the mooring and another 3 metres inland, which is a public footpath the responsibility of the Norfolk County Council. The overgrown space in between the two paths used to be mowed regularly by a local parish councillor, with a ride-on mower, and visitors would sit out with their chairs and sun brollies, on what was almost a lawn. Then the PC decided it couldn't afford to insure him, so the mowing stopped and the result is clear to see. But last weekend a couple of boaters with hedge trimmers made a start on clearance. I used one of these https://www.expressmowers.co.uk/product/stihl-hsa56-battery-hedge-trimmer-bundle/  which is very effective against mugwort stems and similar woody weeds.


    These days, it's pretty pointless trying to get the powers-that-be to do anything other than the bare minimum. The Broads Authority is just as bad as the EA and CaRT in that respect. It shouldn't be the case, but I think it falls to the boaters, who seem to have more respect for their environment than do those who are actually responsible for it, to step up and if we just cleared/cleaned a space wherever we stop, I'm sure the difference it would make would be immense.



    And this is the public footpath a couple of hundred yards further on, again at the back of an EA mooring.It's overgrown with burdock (which can grow to 8ft tall), the seedheads of which are extremely problematic for dogs. Half an hours work with a pruning saw (the stems can be a couple of inches in diameter) produced the result shown. And yes I have sent a photo to the County Council.



    That's where we want to be in 2 years time, not looking good is it?

  12. 31 minutes ago, Ronaldo47 said:

    Never mind bugs, the last time we moored at a very heavily overgrown towpath where the vegetation was higher than the tops of the windows, we acquired a stowaway in the form of a field mouse. I found it munching its way into a pack of instant mash and dispatched it using a handy tin of baked beans. 


    The only tool I had was my swiss army knife, and I used the wood saw blade to convert some of the plentiful saplings into fishing rods and bows & arrows for my young children. 

    I would have evicted the field mouse no killed it

  13. 44 minutes ago, magpie patrick said:

    I met John when he came through Bath, I lived there then, and corresponded with him at other times. I was particularly impressed with his humanitarian activities and his down the earth attitude, given he had made a reasonable sum running a logistics business he was always looking out for those less fortunate than himself - hence his ultimate involvement with refugees. RIP Cotswoldman, the world needs more people like you, and now we have one less. 

    Rob (wanted) is the same as John,the world is definitely a poorer place without him

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  14. 54 minutes ago, Bacchus said:

    How did you enjoy working with the International two-pack? Mine came out yesterday, and, whilst the freeboard area isn't too bad, I am tempted to give her a once-over whilst I can do it on a ladder...



    It was extremely easy to use, I sprayed it on 2.5 nozzle 10% thinners and double header coat half down and same again. The finish was excellent if you look at the stern the reflection is extremely good for a gun finish, one coat was enough although they are heavy coats. Yours looks in excellent condition in comparison to what mine was .


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  15. 1 hour ago, TheBiscuits said:


    By phone?  You were talking to a random person in a call handling centre who are only allowed to read the script in front of them.  They don't work for CRT, they work for a different company that gets paid by CRT.


    Use email to enquiries.{CRT region}@ usual if it's region specific, or one of the national email addresses if not regional.


    It takes longer, but it usually does end up in front of the person you need to get a decision from.



    Not always true, I have twice had problems sorted out by a lady, she works for CRT, not a call centre. Honestly she has saved me so much money and hassle when things go completely wrong!

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