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  1. Hi Scarlet, I introduced the better half to canal boating with a training course with http://www.bearboating.co.uk who are based in Apperley Bridge and have subsequently had two holidays with them as we fell in love with the area and peacefulness of the canal. The LL is superb, especially across the wilderness at Bank Newton and I have fallen madly in love with Skipton (mostly the Narrowboat Inn ) Their boats are a cut above the rest of the hire fleet - pun intended ;-) and Andy & Jeanette are really helpful.
  2. FANTASTIC!!! Had a great weekend at Crick - got burnt to a crisp though! - Nobody told me there was also a beer tent full of ale casks, her indoors wasn't too impressed when I forgot to have 'just one more' and then struggled to remember which hotel she was in. The guys on JessicaBoo were a scream, it was like being at the Morecambe & Wise show Can't wait for the training weekend & then our holiday, have already downloaded the lighting & sonos apps and am sorting out a library of relaxing holiday tunes to chill out to on our luxury wireless narrowboat. So glad we didn't book
  3. Lovely to speak with you today Jeanette and we now can't wait for our long weekend in Leeds. Had a word with 'the boss' and we can't confirm the week's holiday until the Crick weekend but the good news is we will be able to amend the date if both boats are booked on our preferred week. I'm going to try and persuade her to have a go at sailing next Ha! Stu
  4. I look forward to it Steven, the whole area around Gas Street is alive with bars and restaurants now, I hope Leeds docks are the same.
  5. Hi Turbuck, We've chosen the Leeds Liverpool for our first trip later this year. I think Llangollen will be more difficult to get to via public transport but it it a beautiful part of the UK (as is the Yorkshire Dales) I too love British pubs and often use Fat Badgers to find a nice little hostelry as they are personally researched rather than a purchased database. I have done the run in to Stratford by canal which is lovely and we also went out onto the river. The only problem with Stratford is if you're not massively into the Shakespeare thing, then it's a nice enough place but full
  6. Thanks Jessica, Have booked myself a nice little hotel and am going to enjoy a nice weekend in Northampton - there, I never thought I'd hear myself saying THAT! Due to circumstances, our week on the cut is now going to have to be late summer so I intend to book something at Crick - I hope I'm not leaving it too late. I would like to see what the other boats are like, will Canal Boat Escapes be at Crick? I must admit I'm swaying towards Bear Boating at the moment. I have done a bit of boating in the distant past but never been the party leader so we will come up and do a weekend course
  7. Hi Jessica, Can you tell me where you'll be at Crick and do I need to book to see the boat? Cheers Stu
  8. Had to have the weekend off after Google imaging Bear Boating (Thanks Steve) Looked at Canal boat escapes but their boats don't seem anywhere near as plush as the Bear Boats but have since looked at their Facebook page and have fallen in love with their dogs as much as the boats! I wonder if they'll rent them out for the week as well? Must try and get to read that article.
  9. Ah, thanks feel a bit stupid now :-) Will Bear Boating be there this year?
  10. Excuse my ignorance Steve, is Crick in Yorkshire? I assume Waterways World is a mag. Couldn't find any boaty mags in my local newsagent apart from yachting monthly. Looks like I'll have to take a trip into Wolvo to visit WHSmith
  11. Hi, Looking to try a canal boat holiday this year and have never been to Yorkshire so have been doing a bit of surfing, Found Bear Boating and their boats look so much nicer than any others but don't seem any more expensive. Can anyone tell me if they are any good? I've always gone by "if it looks too good to be true" so I've probably missed out on lots of nice things in my life
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