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  1. My NB requires blacking and I am physically unable to do it myself at this current time so I am looking for a suitable boatyard to do it.  I am moored in Harefield Marina but they are unable to cater for a 70 boat due to their slipway.

    Eventually I would like to get it two packed but funds do not allow for that at this moment in time so I am looking for suggestions of suitable boatyards.  I realise I will need to ring round the said boatyards to enquire as to their availability to do the blacking but as I am new to the area and narrowboating I would appreciate any suggestions of whom to ring.

    i am not averse to moving the boat a reasonable distance to get it done as I suspect I may have to.


  2. That area used to be absolutely awful many years ago and I wouldn’t have lived there if you paid me.  I was reading an article yesterday which made reference to Victoria Park in East London and developing property around there.  It mentioned that there were detached properties which were valued at £15 million!

    Victoria Park was very popular with the London Boaters but they have moved elsewhere due to the high number of boats that were being broken into!  

  3. 31 minutes ago, Richard10002 said:

    I’ve got a Dyson V6 handheld and a Dyson 240v DC50, (I think), on the boat. The corded one has a handle which slides down so it’s only half height when stored. Had both for years, neither has missed a beat, and both pick up really well. It’s not a commercial environment, so what happens in pubs and million square foot warehouses isn’t much of a comparison. 


    A handheld and a cordless at home similarly effective.


    Lots of praise for, and no complaints about, Dysons here :)

    We have the same set up as you at home and are very happy with it.  I have just bought a Dyson Light Ball for the boat.

    I have no issues re supply of 240v as the boat came with a very good leisure battery bank and inverter together with an inbuilt diesel  6kv whisper Gen.


  4. My brother sailed from NI to Portpatrick on the west coast of Scotland on Friday returning on Saturday.  He sent me a video clip.  The weather was gorgeous whilst here in London is was just plain horrible on both days.  I tell you we are doomed!  Weather patterns are definitely changing.

  5. I understand David of Cruising the Cut fame started his Narrowboat life there.  He spoke quite highly of them.  I have also read some unflattering reports about the marina but like everything on the internet we never hear the other side.  There was a management change at the marina so I don’t know who the management were at the time of David’s stay.

  6. We are a dyson family but I have read good reviews of Shark and G Tech.  Dyson are no longer manufacturing chorded uprights as they say their cordless are now as powerful and efficient.  We do have one of their older cordlesssticks as well but we won’t be buying one of their new models anytime soon.  They are truly eye wateringly expensive



  7. I am in London and have been for a little while.  There can be absolutely no doubt that May and Rudd have been disastrous as Home Secretary and clearly Rudd only got the job because she was a yes woman and a clone of May.  It has been catastrophe after catastrophe and of course the only people who suffer are the general public.  The chances of May and Rudd coming into contact with the scumbags who have benefited as a result of their poisonous policies are nil so they don’t care or indeed become a victim.

    Khan as Mayor is even more toxic and incompetent than the two clown above.  He was vehemently against the use of stop and search by the police.  Miraculously he now espouses that there should be more!  Without doubt the huge increase in murders and knife crime has changed his mind but surely the basis on which he was opposed hasn’t changed in the slightest just the fact that the finger is being pointed at him due to his policies.  I’m not saying stop and search is the answer but to change your opinion based purely on the heat he is now getting is scurrilous.

    My daughter is in the police in London hence my interest in the subject.  If I were a cop I would simply go through the motions.  Sod the politicians, they made the mess let them clear it up or let them suffer the consequences.  As a result of the May and Rudd policies police officers pensions,pay and allowances have been murdered by the incompetent pair.  I would let them rot in their own mess.  It is all coming back to bite them.  As they say cuts have consequences.

    She was due to give some answers today with regard to some of her previous statements.  The game was up though and to repeat Those excuses would have led to serious problems for her.  In effect she lied.

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  8. No, you will be pleased to hear that this is not another thread about obtaining treatment etc whilst on the cut!

    We have now been on our NB for five nights and I have to say I don’t think I have felt so relaxed and chilled for such a long time.  We haven’t been anywhere as yet as I am still learning about the systems on the boat but I am so pleased we bought her because she is superb.  Real quality in the fixtures and fittings together with the onboard systems.  We are in a very quiet marina which has lots of bird life and the odd wild animal or two.  My wife who has always had sleep issues and usually got up at 5am at the latest now has difficulty getting up at 7am for the dog! She too feels totally chilled.

    This got me thinking.  I wonder if the NHS benefits from the people on the canal system who are probably less stressed in general and therefore may not suffer from the day to day ills of landlubbers (unless of course you visit The Virtual Pub on CW)  :D

  9. Whilst I have a NB, personally, I find charging a wide beam more for their licence unduly harsh.  Charging a wide beam more for a mooring in a marina I fully understand but not just for a licence.  They don’t use the full system but pay for it anyway and I suspect we’re quite happy to do so having made a conscious decision to go wide.

    @jenevers took the words out of my mouth.  Divide and conquer.  In other words pit boater against boater leaving CRT to do as they wish.  I suspect the definition of consultation in this case was ‘what can we get away with on this occasion’!  It certainly won’t be the last ‘consultation’ and naturally there will be many more ‘victims’ of said ‘consultation’.

    What was that line? ‘and then they came for me, but there was no one left’

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  10. Not really for the boat but I’m sure if I get bored I may find a few uses for it :)

    On searching the forum I see a few members have a waterproof endoscope. I am looking for recommendations for a cheapie of the stiff cable type.  I see there are many on Amazon and eBay but have read elsewhere that some are crap so I would be grateful if the cognoscenti could give me details of their model if they are happy with it.  The only parameters I have are that it must be cheap, good image and iOS compatible.

    Ta in advance

  11. 1 hour ago, koukouvagia said:

    For the past thirty odd years I've been used to  polishing acres of brass on our boats. 

    The first picture shows our butty in the later FMC livery as it looked before last year's restoration. It is now in pre-WWI livery and is completely bling free - no brass anywhere (apart from the back cabin, that is).  




    I do like that bling.  Impressive.  But I wouldn’t like to polish it. :)

  12. 2 hours ago, plainsman said:

    Homecare Shiny Sinks cream cleaner (Tesco, Wilco etc) is less harsh and cheaper than Barkeepers Friend but still removes the worst tarnish, followed by a good metal polish does the job

    Should I ever finish the tin of BKF I will give that a go.  Thanks

    1 hour ago, rusty69 said:

    We used to use shiny sinks on our mushrooms 20 odd years ago,with good results.Thats before the novelty wore off after the first two years and we gave up.

    I suspect that is going to be me :)

  13. 19 hours ago, Murflynn said:

    the Scarlet Pimpernel lives here

    I realised that which is why I made my comment.  It was meant to be humorous but I think it may have rattled a cage or two.  Wasn’t my intention to do so.

    I must say for someone who professes to not cleaning the boat outside I must say that roof is gleaming.  I think someone doth protest to much and may in fact be a closet detailer:D

    Just to be clear that comment is also meant in jest.

    14 hours ago, Tony Fuller said:

    For really tarnished brass (whatever polish you use) rub it on using extra fine wire wool.

    It will tend to make very fine scratches in the brass, but after the tarnish is removed, just polish as normal & the fine scratches will disappear!

    Thank you for the helpful information.

  14. 1 minute ago, howardang said:

    I use BKF for badly tarnished brass and find it very effective. For day today use I am a convert to Peek which I find very good in maintaning a high shine. An added bonus is that it doesn't have such a pungent smell! I also find Autosol very good for the job.


    That sounds good to me!  Whilst I don’t have any brass that is tarnished I think I will follow a similar regime.

    Thank you

  15. 1 minute ago, mark99 said:

    NP. I do use Brasso but find AuotoS give same results with less elbow grease. It's slightly abrasive.

    Thanks for the update.  I will try them all and see which is the easiest and shiniest:D


    1 minute ago, mrsmelly said:

    Or of course there is the common sense approach nice matt uprights with lovely gloss finish like this



    Good God it looks like someone is growing toadstools or has some unmentionable disease.   :P

  16. 1 hour ago, Kev's Halcyon said:

    I've found this to be very good




    Just ordered!  Thanks for the information 

    3 minutes ago, pete.i said:

    It doesn't really matter what you use to clean your brass as long as it is some sort of metal polish. It will be hard work no matter what so the idea is to do it once then put somethoing on to keep the shine as long as possible. As suggested Incralac is good but use the spray as brushing it on, unless you are a clever person like everybody else on this board, will leave brush marks. If you don't want shiny then just let them corrode and look c**p.

    Will order the incralac spray.  Brushwork is not my forte :D

    Thank you for the tip.

  17. 11 minutes ago, Kev's Halcyon said:

    I've found this to be very good




    Thank you.  I like the sound of that particularly the protective coating.  If it’s good enough for her maj and Harley Davidson bikes it’s good enough for me.  It’s next on my ‘to try’ list

    8 minutes ago, MartynG said:

    Bar keeper friend power cream is one of those  items I am never without on the boat. It is certainly good at cleaning tarnish off  brass but does leave a white residue which should be washed off with water.

    Peek Polish is good for a real shine on brass and other metals or plastics.



    Thank you for the confirmation re BKF and Peek Polish.  Nice to know they are both good.

    2 minutes ago, WotEver said:

    Barkeepers Friend can also help with dark water stains in wood such as oak - it’s the oxalic acid that does the trick. 

    I would never of dreamt of using BKF on wood for that purpose.  That’s very good to know should I ever have that issue.

    Thank you.


  18. 21 minutes ago, dmr said:

    Brown sauce with a bit of salt added is not bad, and cheaper, followed by a good coating of Incralac.


    What a good idea!  Sadly I had already ordered some of the BKF from Amazon by the time I read your post.  However I have a few pipes in the engine room that are copper.  I will use them to compare the two methods:rolleyes:

    9 minutes ago, WotEver said:

    ... licking it off. 

    Isn’t salt bad for your health?  :D

  19. I would like to maintain the brass on our boat in a good condition.  Now I realise or think that Brasso is probably the product that many use however my wife states that she uses ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ at home and much prefers it to Brasso.  Does anybody else use this or have they tried it? 

    I made a video of the items that should be cleaned/polished and sent it to the wife via email.  I wasn’t brave enough to point it out in person but the outcome was the same.  Ouch  :D

    Obviously as it now appears that the responsibility for this dept is to fall on my shoulders I would like to use the product that is the easiest to use!

  20. 2 hours ago, Just Heaven said:

    We used these people 


    Obviously a bit far out from Uxbridge, but they did a really good job for us.



    Thank you.  Had a look at the website and they seem very good.  I saw mention of subsidised delivery which helps:)

    2 hours ago, Chewbacka said:

    If money is tight have you considered having a look to see if garden furniture cushions would be a reasonable fit?

    I hadn’t considered it but what a great idea.  Thank you :)

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