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  1. I think the direct debit is for both boats so if I cancel it it will cancel for the other boat. Or so the tell me.. ?
  2. Thats what I thought. I am just a little worried that they are just going to keep taking the money.....
  3. Hi Loddon, I tried to do it online but couldn't find where to do it so i filled in the contact form instead. I sent on back pretty much telling them to go forth. Just waiting for a reply.
  4. Hi I have just sold my smaller boat, 18ft grp, as it was costing me more than it was benefiting me. I have notified C&RT to cancel the licence and mooring and their reply is below. My question is, do I have to give them this information (it was an ebay sale, I only have a ebay name), and secondly is this not a GDPR issue if I comply with this request? Good afternoon Thank you for your e-mail. To terminate your licence and transfer the boat out of your account, we will require the new owners details. This includes their name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. We will also need to know the date that you sold the boat. If you can provide these details via e-mail, we can action this for you.To terminate your mooring agreement, you will need to send 2 months notice in writing to the moorings team. You can do this online, via e-mail or in the post. Their e-mail address is waterside.mooring-enquiries@canalrivertrust.org.uk
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I went to the ford garage in the end as I also suspected the nut might be the weak link. Bought a replacement nut, and it seems to have done the trick.
  6. Nothing to do with boating at all, but we seem to have a lot of knowledge on here so.....does anyone have any advice on the following. I have changed my high pressure power steering pipe on my transit. It comes with a one use nut which I screwed on first as instructed. Fitted it all fine both ends, started the van and poof, the end that pushes into the nut blew out. I have ordered a new nut from the ford garage, but the question is, will the same happen again when I re do it? At £22 a nut I am a bit wary of having to keep buying them.
  7. Checked it again this morning and it is showing no output voltage.
  8. Hi My genny (Lister Petter 5kva) has worked perfectly for the past year or so, however, yesterday the genny still fired up but it wasn't generating power. I plugged my grinder in and it ran really slowly. I plugged the digital radio in and it power that. Any suggestions on what might be the issue before I start taking it to bits?
  9. Boat now found thankfully. Found moored up the far side of the next lock about a mile away. No obvious damage. Thanks to anyone who was on the lookout.
  10. Hi all I have just had a phone call off a good friend asking me to keep a look out for a boat that has been reported stolen from the Faries Hill area of Wakefield. The boat was allegedly taken yesterday or today. It is a 40 foot narrow boat, black hull, green got top with scruffy paintwork. It's name is Queen Iona but this is only shown on the licence in the window. I am waiting for a picture and a crime number. If anyone in the area has seen it go past I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks
  11. Hi Looking at buying an inverter welder (stick welding) which will be run off a genny (5kv lister). Anyone have any advice for me before I buy?
  12. Its the bridge out of the Cas lock going in the direction of Ferrybridge. We are moored up there too. River is down a lot this morning but canal was well up yesterday.
  13. Ahh...thats probably it then. Thanks . Just with the money being debited from my account this month I wrongly assumed the licence would be for this month.
  14. Morning Just got my auto renewal email, 'thank you for purchasing you licence blah de blah de blah.....'. Out of interest I clicked on the linky to check everthing and found that the price they have charged me for a 12 month licence is not the amount that is in their published list of fees on their website which they say is valid from April 1st 2017 to March 30th 2018. The years fee they have charged (£910.20) does not even appear on the list. Just wondering if any one else has had any issues? I have of course emailed to query it.
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows a part number for a replacement for this. I have looked on line but can't see any where the double bolt holes are at ten to two to the outlet. Thanks in advance to any one that can help.
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