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  1. I am (was) indeed, now a Parrott! Failed to work out how to change my name on here, though this is only my 6th or 7th post as I'm not an avid Forum poster!
  2. They're great photos, especially the first one.
  3. Sort of related to the topic...My husband and I married in September and the day after the Wedding had a more relaxed "boaters" celebration - a convoy of 12 boats along the Shropshire Union, followed by drinks at The Anchor Inn. For anyone interested we also had a drone come and film/photograph the celebrations. http://www.aeriosmedia.com/blog/ Rebekah
  4. Homemade trifle, don't mind if I do....homemade swiss roll and Joanne Taylor's loganberry jam, soaked in port left over from Dinner Club, then raspberries, jelly, homemade custard (cream milk vanilla pods egg yolks the lot), whipped cream and toasted almonds. Tell you what I'm never making birds custard again!!!

  5. www.canalphotos.co.uk Hi everyone, I'm a professional photographer specialising in waterways photography. I have a passion for the history of the canals, both in boat and architectural form! Please see my new online shop where you will find prints, mounted prints and canvasses for sale. Thank you! Rebekah Fuller
  6. Myself, at around 18 months, and Eliza at her 1st birthday party. Same dress :)

  7. Series 2a day today!

  8. Hi Junior, yes this is the first time I've seen this picture One for the album!
  9. As much as I don't like Eliza getting up at 6.30, it is so cute watching her wave goodbye to Daddy as he heads to work :)

  10. This is me, my partner and our daughter Eliza. She was actually 9 days old, not 8 weeks! And this was her maiden voyage, first trip on the boat (and certainly not the last).
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