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  1. 7 hours ago, Mike Tee said:

    You let them drop as well then?!


    I let them self lower as they are designed to do! 


    7 hours ago, Victor Vectis said:

    Was the word 'hydraulic' used, by any chance?


    On the Esplanade here in Ryde there are a couple of manhole covers with the name 'Ham Baker' cast into them.

    I've taken I pic, meaning to post it here but it is too large a file size, apparently.

    It might have been! I pointed out that if they had ones that were so poorly maintained they crashed down when lowering they might like to spend less

    time in the tea hut and more sorting or reporting them to the powers that be…..

  2. 11 hours ago, Ronaldo47 said:

    Here's an extract from the textbook [☆] from which I got my information about factors affecting landslips.  It seems that there are many possible explanations, and that site surveys and soil analysis are usually required to establish the reasons with any degree of certainty. Removal of overburden as a cause of failure in railway cuttings in clay is mentioned. 


    Blaming it on climate change without having first made the soil tests and other investigations that such a landslip warrants, seems a bit presumptious! 

    Catastrophe extracts.pdf 629.44 kB · 2 downloads


    [☆] "Catastrophe- the violent earth", Tony Waltham, Macmillan, first edition, 1978, ISBN 0-333-22595-3 

    We have learnt a lot about embankments and cuttings since canals and railways were constructed.

    Chatting to a senior CRT asset engineer the other week it’s interesting to learn how much less steep the banks would be now if they were constructed to modern thinking. You only have to look at modern roads to see this.


    Without major land acquisition and reconstruction neither the canals or the railways to some extent will be immune from land slips. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, koukouvagia said:

    We used to take our two boats up from Cowroast to Bulbourne for the Open Weekends.  I suggest that the good publicity for the canals from that event achieved far more than the blue signs and wellness campaigns.

    We would show local school children around our boats and at the weekend they would return with their parents.



    Derek Pearsons boats in the background....he was living aboard in Audlem until quite recently..still have one of his chimneys in use...must be getting on for 30 years old now....wish I could get him to make me another!

  4. 1 minute ago, jam said:

    If Cheshire West and Chester council are anything like Cheshire East, any application for planning within around a 1000 metres of the canal will involve the council planning to automatically inform CRT of the application and ask them for comments.

    It seems to be same here in Worcestershire but to be fair CRT were sensible. 

  5. If it helps the property I’m buying has previously had to ask CRT for permission about a couple of planning issues regarding extensions and building work as it’s next to the canal in a conservation area. The correspondence in the planning file from CRT has been of a very positive and helpful nature with no undue petty rules etc. This is not in your area however but don’t be too afraid to ask.

    I have to say out of all the people I’ve had to deal with over the purchase of the property I’ve found CRT to be the most helpful and quickest to reply of all the official bodies….really can’t fault them so far.

    Personally I’d start with the area office and go from there to see where you end up. Also talk to the local planning people…they often offer a pre planning advice session. They may or may not charge but it’s good to get the local planning on side. A friend of mine who has a grade 2 listed house was rather crapping it when the listing officer visited but the chap was really helpful and offered all sorts of advice. 

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  6. Just now, MtB said:


    Curious, because I don't think I've ever seen 30mm glass fuses used in a car. 


    Not since about 1960 that is. Modern cars seem to use spade type fuses, and prior to that, those horrendous 'bullet' fuses.



    Well ive got them from various motor factors over the years....some of us still run vintage cars!!...BL was still using them in the 70's & 80's

  7. 53 minutes ago, jonathanA said:

    yes it will be interesting  to see what it goes for and who buys it. Also why an auction - previous business gone bust ?


    i can't see how you could make more than £50K  year (being optimistic) and if i had  £1.5M laying about I could do better than that with out the hassle of running the business by simply giving it to an investment manager.  if you don't have the capital, I don't see how the business could fund it unless there is some other significant income stream.  


    presume one of the 'chains' will buy it to add to their portfolios. 

    There was a rumour a few years ago that it was trying to slip on to the railway line next door....dont know how true this was if at all...but it is quite close and if so that wouldn't be a cheap fix.


    I would think either one of the chains or there is another private marina owner who has brought up another similar sized marina recently and now has a small portfolio of midlands marinas...not sure who their backers are mind you. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, magnetman said:

    I was thinking from a business point of view. It seems like a really nice business for someone if they have 85 moorings. 



    It will be interesting to see what it sells for...as with all auctions the guide price is usually the lowest that would be accepted...Im guessing it will go for a lot more...prob around £1.5-£2m...unless there is something odd happening which there might be to sell through auction rather than via a business broker or agent...and of course there is the auction fees to add as well.

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  9. 1 hour ago, tree monkey said:

    I do love that, with all respect to the gent it's completely barking.


    Hes a little unique in many ways....apparently that whole site used to be a scrap yard before he brought it and built his house and sold the rest to a developer for the other houses....the owners of the scrapyard once had a bit of hospital equipment in and found one bit really hard to cut...turned out was a block of uranium or similar...and might now be buried on the land somewhere.


    The house also has a working periscope....taken from a royal navy sub that he knew was being scrapped....


    Was a shame the house we were looking at all fell through cos I think he would have made a great neighbour!!!

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  10. 51 minutes ago, Chris T said:

    Does anyone know if pressure washing equipment is available/ included? I can't see any information on the CRT website. 


    And are you able to get the boat high enough to black the baseplate? 


    Haven't done DIY before so thanks for any information. 



    Fairly sure it's a bare hire....so you need to provide everything you need....and it might be a bit of a crawl underneath to do the base plate.

  11. 3 hours ago, Mike Tee said:

    Owned by Pete Sullivan who owns the house behind it. Drop a note through his door.

    (Also very short - the dry dock, not Pete)

    Came very close to buying a house a couple of doors down from him....hes a really interesting chap...had a tour of the dock and tunnels he was digging at the time...would have been around 2008-10...he was thinking of buying the express lift test tower in northampton at the time!

  12. 44 minutes ago, jonathanA said:

    A good few years ago the local Bobby told me that my 4 d cell maglite could be an  offensive weapon, but a torch if switched on...  so I had to switch it on before hitting any scrotes with it. 

    Many years ago I was moored up outside Sainsbury's at Apsley on the GU when some idiot on the towpath opposite starting lobbing rocks at the boat...I phoned 999 and went out with a 3ft length of 4x2 in one hand and 4D maglite in the other in order to discuss it further...only to have the chap decide he wasnt going to hang around....on the way back over the footbridge I met a couple of gentlemen who couldn't have been more obvious plain clothes coppers if they tried....after a short conversation to explain I was the one that had called them I had the Magnate taken off me but they didnt mind the bit of wood....apparently the maglite was more dangerous....I did get it back after a longer chat and having proved it was definitely my boat etc....I still have the maglite on clips in the back cabin for when it might be needed.


  13. 1 hour ago, magnetman said:

    This is where a 410 is handy. 


    Having said that I knew someone who kept a 410 on his Boat and used it to ward orf terrible scrotes the next thing he knew the armed police were all over him. 


    Maybe not then. 


    Cordless chainsaw?

    C & H handspike….needed for boating….also tell plod you think the assailants had weapons…..

  14. 6 hours ago, Timx said:

    There is always loads of spaces, don’t book it too early, see what the weather is gonna be like, not a fun trip if too windy.

    Thats not what I found when I’ve wanted to book in the past especially if you have certain dates in mind. 

  15. 3 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    Last one that went there wasnt removed until about 3 weeks later for that reason.. 

    I thought that one stayed more upright and was wedged on the wooden fendering...this one is going to be harder now as its lying on its side...I totally feel for the owners....I do wonder what the deal with the pontoons is at proctors....whos liability they are.

  16. 9 minutes ago, Mike Hurley said:

    7 seconds in and there is the gofundme advert, no mention if they are insured or not, bad news for them if they aren't. Would the people that own the pontoon have any liability in a case like this?

    Some of the "pontoons"....I use the word loosely....at Proctors are sketchy at best....nothing more than a couple of scaff poles and some plywood...definitely not something I'd want to be tied to even in a light rain shower let alone a flood.


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