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  1. Hi Liam, Yes we do have an access hatch on the deck. But the water collecting in the "sides of the triangle" (sorry!) are much further in, quite far away from the weed hatch, the base of the triangle sides being up against where the back bedroom begins. If water was coming through the deck hatch or out of a badly sealed weed hatch I would expect other areas en route to also be wet, such as the engine itself, exhaust lagging or top of skin tank. All are dry. But I will certainly check this out and post a photo for clarity as I appreciate my triangle descriptions may be testing your patience !!! Thanks Alan, great advice, the skin tank hose bit is making sense to me...roll on the weekend so I can have a look. PS. we dont have a calorifier.
  2. Triangle sides! I'm struggling to work out why both sides of my triangle, also independent of the main triangle under the prop shaft area, are filled with canal water. No bilge pumps there. My link about bilge water and triangle sides On the off chance, Alan, ours is a 1991 Heritage Boat Builders, trad stern, similar layout to Mike H boats perhaps? Any more advice about leaking uxter plates? Sorry to briefly hijack your post Alex&Derek. BTW, we bought literally the first boat we saw just because we loved it immediately. Bit nuts perhaps, because only afterwards did I find this forum! Good luck.
  3. Do you reckon this would be any good for keeping the starter battery topped up for us weekend boaters with no access to power? Very small solar panel
  4. I'll check it out further as you suggest. Thanks again to you all.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions so far. It's a trad stern so the removable stairs to access the engine bay area are inside. Boat very rain-proof from above. I'm good at remembering to turn the greaser! Could be the packing, but still a mystery as to how water gets into what seems to be totally seperate areas of the bilge (sides of the triangle). I'll take a photo on next visit. Thanks all, Lucy.
  6. Good evening all, We bought a trad stern 1991 Heritage Boat Builders NB with a Beta 1205 in July. We have had 2 boats before, a 1960's wooden top cruiser with a Lister and then a 26' Springer with a Honda outboard, but I was a child back then and so working out this boat has been left to me. (Well it was my idea). So I have been saturating my mind with all things narrowboat. Boat this, boat that, everyone's sick of it. But I have loved every minute. And wow - the things I've learnt...the mind is literally boggling with engines, pumps, greasing, painting, winterizing (fingers crossed!), but not batteries...crikey. That's advanced stuff. CWDF has been a truly invaluable source of information so thanks to all so far. I have a question about bilges. If you are looking at the engine bay the engine sits inside a steel triangle area. But on either side of the triangle, between the steel triangle shape and the hull sides, there is the same mucky canal water. We hoovered it out in the summer but it's come back. These areas are seperate from main engine triangle area so a dripping stern gland wouldn't make sense. They are also seperate from underneath the rest of the boat. This area is under the stairs inside so can't see how it would be rainwater. I cannot work out how this water gets there. Any ideas? Please don't say hole in side of boat! Thanks very much, Lucy.
  7. Hi Martyn, I cant email you or use chat, my email address is lucyblucky@gmail.com

  8. lucyblucky

    Break in

    Perhaps you could PM me if I added you as a friend? If not, well... 2 posts down and 3 to go...I'll gatecrash some conversations elsewhere on the forum and try you again later. Lucy
  9. lucyblucky

    Break in

    Hi Martyn, did this happen at FF? (We are new FF residents, I've seen your boat there). Lucy
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