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  1. ianali

    Why today?

    Shouldn’t that be ‘it’s raining Sven, hallelujah!’
  2. ianali

    Why today?

    We moved from Market Drayton to Audlem today. Passed maybe 4 moving boats on the 16 locks we did. Been lovely and sunny with the odd two minute shower thrown in. Had a couple of drinks outside the Fly, was sunny and quite warm. Wind up now though. We like Audlem.
  3. ianali

    Best drill bit ever?

    Have used left hand bits a lot over the years, mainly on Japanese motorcycles. Often they will unscrew the broken bolt without needing to use an extractor.
  4. ianali

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    I am amazed, staggered, angry...2 or 3 million to repair a 70 metre ditch, really? Badgers that are culled in some areas need to be worried about? Work begins in June? 200 lorry loads, that will be a days work then.MAD.
  5. ianali

    Fox and anchor pub

    Thanks Bruce. Not particularly looking to eat. Just a safe stopover and a couple of beers before we turn up the Shroppie.
  6. ianali

    Fox and anchor pub

    What’s the pub and mooring like for overnight stop? Thanks, Ian.
  7. ianali

    Vactan supplier.

    Yes Alan I find Vactan to be by far the best rust killer available. As you say a devil to find without going online. It’s not desperate I only have a couple of spots to treat. May have to wait until I’m home to order it.
  8. Agreed. Like the lottery isn’t it! Anyway, good luck come May the first.
  9. Anyone know if there is a supplier of vactan, anywhere between Penkridge going towards Autherley then up the Shropshire canal? Thanks in advance. Ian.
  10. ‘‘Tis ten times that.. would settle for your quoted figure though! Best we have managed so far is fifty pounds.
  11. You have done well. Our bonds have yielded just under one percent over the last two years. We will keep them though as you just never know huh!
  12. ianali

    Hands up who got sunburnt today

    We started on the cider yesterday. Always wait for the warmer days. Lovely again today, bbq later after we cruise for a couple of hours past tixall wide bit. Like Mrsmelly we do miss work.
  13. ianali

    Hands up who got sunburnt today

    Pretty boat. I also hear summer boats have moved out from Sawley this week?
  14. ianali

    Engineers' Mechanics qualifications/insurance

    As pearley said it would be good to have a list of trusted people in the canal world. The Kawasaki forum I visit has a list of member recommended suppliers and mechanics. Could we?