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  1. I think a decent plumbing supplier would sort that for you.
  2. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Yes, I knew he had misread. It’s like all the incorrect quotes about Eu unemployment. I guess if enough people keep repeating false facts they become accepted. I’m losing the will to keep correcting some here. Hence my naughty word moment the other day.
  3. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Are you sure you have read this correctly? I notice that the guy I called a moderately rude word( depending on your viewpoint) is happy to hint that you would be beaten for expressing an opinion. I think I should have called him a really bad word.
  4. All the led bulbs on our boat, and in our house have been sourced via eBay, from cheap Chinese suppliers. Have had two fail in maybe ten years. I suspect your problem is caused by your supply equipment.
  5. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    And I was in Birmingham last week, youth there told me he had no work in the last twelve months! Are you honestly so blinded by your ha te of the Eu that you believe it is all bad? I’m fairly middle of the road, Eu not all bad, Our government not all bad either. You asked about Eu youth unemployment, I’ve given you actual figures. If you won’t believe data from the OECD then there’s little point in talking further.
  6. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Here ya go. So not much different to here? Yes I’ve spent quite some time in Southern Europe the last couple of years.
  7. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Lol unlike the uk youth huh? As I said, it depends how you calculate unemployment.
  8. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    I suspect you know that youth unemployment in the Eu isn’t much different to the UK. It’s just the way it’s calculated. I definately know that you will deny this fact.
  9. I think it’s a Tyler Wilson.New boat, painted maybe 2015 by the owners.
  10. Where did you source the wheels? Are they polyurethane bonded units?
  11. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Wasn’t such a bad word Peter. Sometimes there is no better way than to tell somebody exactly what you think of them.
  12. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    That wasn’t an insult. On second thoughts I don’t think we have met. I’d remember! You come over on here as a know it all person. There you go, that’s an insult.
  13. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    I’ve no idea, why do you ask?
  14. ianali

    Brexit 2019

    Knowledge. Is that a yes?
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