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  1. ianali

    Read the rules

    Well lots of people here are quite amusing. Many of you do take yourselves way to seriously. I post now on thunderboat as I got fed up with mine, and other posters here being pulled up for grammar etc. When I’ve asked a question on thunderboat I receive the answer without having my post picked to pieces by clever clogs that live on here. Too many know it alls post here.
  2. ianali

    Rugby football World Cup.

    Ok. I give up.
  3. Il try a new tactic...can England win the rugby World Cup? Now let’s talk about proper football, played with a round ball. France did enough today against a tough team.
  4. ianali

    Lack of platforms at locks

    Usually a bad thing. Not on the two occasions that I suffered boat paint and pepper mill damage last summer though.
  5. ianali

    World Cup football.

    Quarter finals weekend. Quite excited as England seldom get this far. Will be watching in a bar in Chester. Daughter is watching on a big screen at a horse racing meet, son at a bbq which also has a big screen. Mrsmelly wont be watching as his eyes are on something else in Newbury! Enjoy the game everyone, I think we will win and then it’s the semis! I was was too young to watch the 66 final. I am beginning to believe this year may be my turn to see England win.
  6. ianali

    Mooring in Chester.

    Will aim for Telfords then. Thanks all.
  7. ianali

    Another Music Legend Gone

    Ing er Lund is out then.
  8. ianali

    World Cup football.

    That’s for people that weren’t good enough at school to play proper football.
  9. ianali

    Bath Deep Lock

    Works though doesn’t it!
  10. ianali

    Mooring in Chester.

    Will be in Chester by weekend probably. Was told Chester basin is good mooring for weekends, away from the party people. Any advice on Chester mooring please?
  11. ianali

    Hosepipe ban

    Will England win the football World Cup???
  12. ianali

    It's like bloomin' bumper cars!

    Does seem to be a few erratic steerers around this last few days. Not just hire boats mind. Maybe the heat is causing fatigue. Have spoken to a few that are still doing 8 to 10 hour days...
  13. ianali

    Warwick to Braunston

    Was a very hot day when we last visited.
  14. ianali

    Bosworth Marina

    We left our boat there for a few days last summer. Very helpful staff. Nice walk up to the village with I think 3 pubs, an Indian and a few small shops.
  15. ianali

    Removing tiller?

    Have you considered sawing it off at the joint? Might be cheaper as your having it extended anyway? May even be cheaper/easier to get a new tube at desired length!

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