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  1. Great everyone Think I have some ideas now on planning our trip. Regards Matt
  2. Thanks Prefer to be close to a pub/village so thanks for the suggestions above. Are there many visitor moorings on the Ashby as we are 2'8" draught and don't have a boarding plank. Matt
  3. Hi all Looking for some suggestions for overnight stops between Fradley and the Ashby Canal. Thanks Matt
  4. I called in on my way home yesterday at about 5pm and it was open. We are hoping to go through later today
  5. Hi Thanks both, as I am new to this and unsure of what I am doing I have decided to get the boatyard to deal with it until I am more confident. I would rather be sure that things are tickety boo before we head of cruising this year. Cheers Matt
  6. Hi I have a small leak from a joint/nut under my calorifier and I cannot get to it without removing the calorifier. How easy is it to remove one ? I have already drained the domestic water in the tank as far as possible with a syphon tube but I am not sure about how to deal with the pipes from the engine and the pressure release valve connection. Thinking about getting a boatyard to sort out but just wondering if it is easy or not ? The calorifier is under the bed. Thanks Matt
  7. Hi We recently bought a boat with a Taylors diesel stove and although only used a couple of times, we like it. Easy to get going and quick to put out (turn off?) once the fuel flow is shut off. We are not liveaboards so cost is not really much of an issue for the amount we will use it. In our manual it say at maximum burn rate it uses 0.4 litres per hour on a typical installation. Hope this helps Matt
  8. Nah its definitely not workboat, actually I forgot to look if it was still there this morning.
  9. Can't give em a knock as I am on a bus when I pass.
  10. Hi My journey to work takes me over one of the bridges just below Cambrian Wharf in Birmingham, there has been a boat tied up in one of the pounds on the flight heading down for the last couple of days just wondering if all is ok with them ? Matt
  11. If it is like ours you cant use a firelighter it is just a small aperture. We use a large syringe and need 20ml of meths to pre heat. Matt
  12. Hi Not sure if it is like mine but we have a Taylors diesel stove and we have to pre heat it with Methylated Spirits for about 5 mins before starting the diesel drip feed. Cheers Matt
  13. Hi Martin It is under the bed and surrounded by additional insulation (like the sort you get around an immersion heater in your house). Thanks Matt
  14. Hi Thank you all, no I don't have overheating problems during normal operation so I should be fine . Think I have what to do sorted in my head now thanks again. Matt
  15. Hi Sorry had not seen these 2 additional replies and Seadog you are more than welcome to add questions to the thread, if anyone is saved from getting a burst pipe from information shared on here that's all to the greater good I have thought of something else which touches on your point ,Seadog, about using the boat at least a bit over the winter, if I drain calorifier can I still run the engine or would the coil get damaged as there is no water in the calorifier fresh water space ? I'll need to run the engine to charge the batteries over the winter but then I have also read that charging the batteries by running the engine not in gear and under load is not good for the engine, although most in our marina seem to do it. Thanks Matt
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