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  1. davidc

    caprice 2020

    Just had the whole installation check by a gas fitter who was recommended by BSS Examiner, and you where right on the button My gas regulator had totally failed the full pressure of the bottles was going to the gas cooker
  2. here the link to my equipment http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=69665
  3. davidc

    caprice 2020

    No I always turn off gas after using the cooker and turn it back on when I am going to cook. It has flame failure devices and usually the grill is hard to light, all I can say when I pushed it the grill Knob there was a load whoosh noise but I was pressing the ignite button at the same time , that was when the flame explosion happened I think the metal tube of the grill failed and gas came out unrestricted . That why I want someone that deals with gas appliance to look before I do anything.
  4. davidc

    caprice 2020

    Had a major scare last night switch on the grill on my caprice 2020 gas cooker and it exploded in flame, went straight to gas locker which is only about 4 foot away turned of gas, know now CO2 and CO monitors work very well. Apart from no hair on both forearms trimmed eyebrows and side burns am alright Have two questions 1. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone to look at my cooker and tell me if it can be repaired and cost , in the Great Heywood area? 2. Also where is the best place to buy a replacement if necessary excluding ebay Have no idea why it happened was alright day before and as gas scares me I have no intention of dismantling the cooker to find out why
  5. Have you checked the thermostat it could be corroded or blocked . the thermostat should start to open at 155/165F(68/74C), and it should be fully open at 185F(85C).
  6. davidc


    The problem with our democratic system now is the 3 party system has hijacked it you cannot be selected now unless you talk and believe in what party HQ says to, If you try as an independent you have to have a lot of money and man power as well as the contacts. Otherwise the parties can put more boots on the door steps and slander you in the name of politics as well as do not forget our impartial newspapers. As a socialist with some ideas opposite to the new labour cartel which has taken over the labour party of which I was once a member, I could not get passed the first interview. I do not have a degree or money background or political contacts. So I will be unable to contest a seat never mind win it. But thanks for the thought.
  7. davidc


    Yes here we go with percentages to to be clear 9% of 67060 per year is 6035 pay rise takes wages to 73095 1% of 21388 213 21601 1% of 13520 135 13655 minimum wage at rate as 1 Oct 2014 question is how can MP tell public sector workers there have to do with less including pensions because the country can not afforded it, then give them selves a pay rise which is 30 times more than a nurse and 45 times more then a hospital cleaner??
  8. And do not forget all the lands of Northumbria which the scots occupied do you think there will give it back
  9. davidc

    Great Haywood

    Or you can be cheeky and turn in the entrance to Great Heywood marina or in the marina
  10. I am extremely pleased with it you can get a router for my booster but decided against it as you can turn windows 8 PC in to a hot spot easily which I did for my son so he could use his Xbox to access the internet. . and the whole thing is cheaper than mobile dongles.
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