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  1. And the Police service are the Supervisory Personnel for the Patients? .just seems Illogical.
  2. Am saying that Care in the community was a daft idea ,Loony bins? no, modern Mental Healthcare ,Yes. Then maybe our Wonderful British Police Officers would have the time and Resources to do some Policing?
  3. I do believe that the History Books will draw Parallels with this present time and the Holocaust era that Mr Hitler presided over. We have serious Social problems that are not admitted by those in Power,Care in the Community was the first irrational and inhumane scheme to lead us into Deprivation and successive initiatives have made Social standards reach new lows.
  4. Fairey made some Legendary craft ,have worked on quite a few of the Twin screw Power boats but no Knowledge of their sailing Boats.
  5. Hull is reminiscent of a Ship's Lifeboat Glassed over Timber Cabin?
  6. Thank you ,it is a Shame that I have been Labouring under a delusion ,have always considered my action to be those of a light hearted and polite Mediator.are there other major agitators on CWDF? I would enjoy meeting them .P.S. I blame the Outer Mongolian Tribes for most of the World's ills and not the Groups that you describe. Thanks again.
  7. The Forum has been ticking along nicely until a mistake was made by a well intentioned Moderator a sensibility meltdown occurred which led to an outpouring of Historic grievances and long forgotten Petty Squabbles rose to the Surface.The Thunder boat Forum has Scintillating Topics that are enrobed and enriched with eloquence and Grace .some T.boat members think that CWDF Types are missing out ,so they appear at random times to explain to us just how effective old fashioned Evangelism can be ,or not be ...that is the question ... .more Importantly ,does it answer your question Member Wanted...Lol
  8. Hyperbole Eh? I have told you a Million times not to exaggerate !
  9. If the 'obvious' was a Specialist subject on Mastermind John ,you would Have a clear Round!Lol
  10. Long time ago at the Cinema seeing 2001 Space Odyssey Fillum and when they showed the Bone which had been used as a Weapon being hurled into the Air which then became a Space Station ,The 'Blue Danube Waltz was Played as Background Music. about half the Audience started Singing "Shippams for Tea for Tea for Tea" which had been heard lots on the TV Advert.
  11. I always thought that 'Merry 'was the same as Happy but with added Alcohol?
  12. It was obvious that there was a Concerted campaign to wind her up ,I guess they have all returned to 'Lord of the Flies Island" now. Lol
  13. Can you send the Cavalry ?he made a Song called Bang Bang (the mighty fall) which was good and Mentioned John Fruin who was MD of WEA Records and a Former Client of Mine.
  14. Paul Mcartney's contribution was good as of Course was Slade's .hard to choose a Favourite as even Cliff's effort was not awful.I do think of that Jonah Louie song (title forgot but starts with 'hey mr Churchill)as a Christmas song.
  15. Lady G resigned voluntarily ,she did display good Standards but they can be hard to maintain these days when Many Folk like to act the Goat.
  16. Yes ,her Skills as a Moderator were good but as you say ,it is not an easy Task and one that I would not even Consider myself capable of .Well Done Jo
  17. Bernard Hill played the Part of Captain Smith in the 1997 Titanic Movie. He also played the part of 'Yosser' Hughes in 'Boys from the Blackstuff' .in 1983.
  18. He is English but thinks in Skittish as he has resided in Aberdeen for a considerable time.
  19. Dr Bob knows lots of stuff.Plastics ,paints petrochemicals ETC .and is always pleasant ,I think that he meant that MtB was willing to impart Knowledge to all and sundry without too much Pomposity and Posturing.some Members are not so easy going. as above.Lol
  20. Thanks Tony .will remember that one.
  21. I often stay in houses ,about Twice a Year in fact and I can do 2 Nights in a Row with only Mild Palpitations occurring on Day 3 .As long as long as return to Boat can occur on 3rd Day I can cope .don't know what you are complaining about.
  22. The whole World is having a Lethal Experience with The Banks right now.
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