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  1. We went to look at this boat and walked away. I read the survey and not only does the front 2/3rds need overplating but the rest of it has been done poorly. We total newbies but it semed overpriced to us
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  3. That's good to know I'm going to try and get as much practice in on friend's boats before I venture out on my own I think the term 'loon' woman boater will cover me nicely
  4. Hi, I have been a lurker here for ages, thought it was about time I made a post and introduced myself. From reading the forums I know a couple of people from another forum *waves* Been dreaming of moving onto a boat for more years than I care to remember and have now decided action is required! Aiming to make it happen in the next 2-3 years. Looking forward to learning from all your experiences in the meantime. Interested to hear from any lone female boaters as I will be going alone (unless a miracle happens in the meantime ) well when I say alone, I mean with my two dogs, two cats and m
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