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  1. Thanks, I think that is the interior that comes up on Google. Looks like an interesting boat I will keep looking through apolloduck aswell.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I should be going, I understand there are a few companies displaying boats there. Hopefully there will be other companies with photos of custom interiors too. Will be good to look at costings too, and hopefully get some idea. Good idea, that has thrown up some good ideas already
  3. Hi, I am looking for interval pictures for inspiration for a layout for a liveaboard narrowboat. This is at the very early stage at the moment. I am looking for designs which are a little bit different / bespoke to the general interiors. I like the idea of open plan as much as possible, as I think this will make the inside look more spacious. I have taken a look at the fernwooddesigns website and that has some interesting ideas, but need a bit more inspiration. Google doesn't really throw up anything really except one very pink / red looking interior, has anyone got any other links, s
  4. Hi, I just wondered if anyone could help. If you live aboard permanently, what do people do about an address to give banks etc if your boat is your only home? Just wondered about how it would affect your credit rating if you decided to go back to living in a house after a few years, and you have a gap on in your addresses?
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