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  1. Oh happy memories... I sympathise as I had the exact same problem 3 years ago when I took my A-level DT exams. What is it with DT teachers that means that they can't teach like other subjects can? I did "systems and control" rather than a "graphics" course. The worst part was when my mate asked it PICs (a kind of programmable chip) was going to be on the exam, to which the teacher replied NO. Checking the syllabus the night before revealed it was worth half of the exam paper! The problem with "revision guides" if there is such a one for this subject, is that they inherently have to cover all eventualities of different exam boards. Therefore my best bet before you dive in too deep would be to read the syllabus, they're usually online, if you haven't already. Depending on the board, there might be a couple of practise exam papers on there too.
  2. mfarrow


    I once had this experience at a MaccyD's drive-thru. "Sorry, no pennies left". I had loads of change in my purse so could have gone all the way to 50p (49p) if she didn't have any 2ps in there. Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.
  3. Thanks all! Yes, I read often but post only occasionally, usually in the VP.
  4. mfarrow

    Hi guys!

    What you meant to say was I'm studying Retail & Business Management at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.
  5. I don't believe in allowing members to either edit or delete their own posts. If you took away the edit feature then people would just have to learn to proof read like you should do anyway. That's what the preview button's there for.
  6. Yes, it would be a shame to let the webring go after Jon's spent such a long time keeping it going. I can't see any harm in letting Sam run it for you Jon!
  7. 241 sounds like a lot, though he's a long way to go before he can beat this website: forums.ntlhell.co.uk/!
  8. I looked at that myself and thought that must be some kind of joke. I reckon Jon manually changed it in hope of a big corporate sponsor willing to spend £millions advertising on the site ;-)
  9. Or so you think! Hover over the 'report' button and it will tell you the post ID (&p=<POST NUMBER>) on the IE status bar.
  10. mfarrow

    How rubbish!

    only naughty if he doesn't have permission (which I suspect he doesn't!).
  11. mfarrow

    How rubbish!

    Quoted from "canalworld.co.uk": 'Welcome to Canal World, which is currently a work in progress, and a slow one at that!' It certainly is slow, considering the site was launched in April! I wish the site webmaster the best of luck, but his main problem is that when looking for a forum website about canals, are new Internet users going to join a site with 200 members or 5?! Mike
  12. ... here's a festive version: eclectech.co.uk/parp.php enjoy!
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