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  1. Well thanks all. I was just concerned that boaters might be in the middle of a build there but it all looks just fine. I know of some horror stories where builders have gone leaving boats unfinished and people out of pocket.
  2. Ah good, but their website pages are down that is what alerted me to see if there was a problem.
  3. How odd... I put the link up it works for me a but you cant see it.... OK so here is a screen shot...
  4. OK so the link doesn't work... Try Companies House.. Hey I found this so could if you have a boat build at Orchard?
  5. I have never been happier with no more pump out... Kildwick Loos
  6. Yes you can moor there but be careful. It is a bit shallow but there is a downside. Because the channel between the Ait and where you moor is quite narrow when the trip boats pass at speed they take all the water with them which sweeps you up and down that bank quite alarmingly. Probably somewhere you wont want to moor at again! Ah, just re-read that. My comment is on the right going upstream of the Ait. There are a couple of spots to moor there. So on the left of the Ait there does seem to be some spaces so have a look and give it a go..
  7. Yes absolutely Brian as you know by reading the blog. Our stupid water tank on this stock wide beam is a ridiculous 375 litres. My error.. I just presumed it would be bigger on a big fat boat!! Same for the black tank, very small too. I thought I would just point out one of two things to Richard X that I didnt think about and should have.
  8. Very easy to install. That is all there is to it. Free standing, no pipes no fans although you can have one fitted but we have found that it is fine as it is. Of course we have changed over this winter, the weather is cool and it remains to be seen if we have the same zero smell in the heat of the summer but we can always add fans if necessary. We just took out the macerator loo, blanked off all pipes and popped that one straight down. There is a separator so ones go into a container which gets emptied well out of the way under a distant hedge kand twos go into general rubbish after being double bagged in garden type black liners. No more having to worry about whether the next pump out machine is working!
  9. Yes very true. On this particular boat the steering 'circle' is the same as a car so just the one turn each way to the end stops. I know a lot of boaters with wheels actually spin them for turning! In that case then the indicator sounds like a very good idea.
  10. We have gone down the route of composting.. Why on earth I didnt do it earlier I don't know. So easy and 'convenient'! Looks good too.. That replaces our pump out loo. We will retain both the loo and the tank in case if ever the boat is sold new owners can choose. There is absolutely no smell whatsoever. This is one from Kildwick and at £375 VAT inc I think it is a bit of a snip.
  11. I didnt know it but one was supplied to our boat. I did find it extremely useful when I first started using a wheel at least it stopped me panicing. It is unbelievably difficult to go from 17 years with a tiller to a wheel. I mean I drive so it shouldn't be difficult but my brain says boat. So to go to the left I was turning the wheel right! Well that is what you do with a tiller! I'm fine now and probably can do without the rudder dial but I rather like it especially when taking off from a mooring or lock landing and more especially when in a lock and I have to go out between boats. At least I know the rudder is central. Having said that, a bit of tape around the top of the wheel to show you where central is would be fine and dial not needed.
  12. Whatever the size of inverter that Collingwood put in it will run the appliances aboard individually. I am really surprised that the 1800 is being fitted. All the stock boats I thought came with 2500 Sterling Combi. I am useless at all stuff electrical even though I have tried to study my 'ol brain doesn't want to know. If your boat comes with a washing machine then the inverter will be big enough to run that. I have 2500, my washing machine says 1600 and I dont know what the freezer is.. (note to self - you really should find out). You should question the size of that inverter when you visit and ask why you are not getting the 2500 Combi like everyone else.
  13. We have a Collingwood wide beam 12ft and found that the Webasto 5.2 kw supplied is adequate along with the morso stove. The timer supplied by them is totally useless.. Well not useless but difficult to set up. Upgrade to the better controller as suggested. These stock wide beams produced are really built for living aboard in a marina so some upgrades for continuous cruising will be required.
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