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  1. 5 hours ago, JaneP said:

    Thanks for your replies. We currently have an instant gas water heater, a new one just installed to replace a very old one. We’re having some issues with it, yet to be resolved related to getting the sink taps and shower to trigger the ignition.  We’re thinking a new after pump with better flow rate may work. It just crossed my mind to ask if there was a boat-suitable elec shower available. 

    I have an instant gas water heater and the shower wouldn't trigger it. I found out how to increase the water pump pressure and gradually increased it until it would trigger.

  2. 13 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

    But only if the house is habitual. a mooring between tenants isn't habitual.


    Never heard of that, (habitual), and am now wondering what it actually means, and whether a house could be made "not habitual" between tenancies?


    What makes a residential mooring between tenants "not habitual"?


  3. 17 minutes ago, doratheexplorer said:

    I'll ask again, a resi mooring which is between tenants... who pays the council tax?


    With a house between tenants, the owner/landlord pays the council tax...... I'd have an educated guess that the same applies to a mooring?

  4. On 25/02/2023 at 22:44, Ianws said:

    You said you are looking at fires then said you have a Morso which is great. Are you looking to replace the morso or add to it? 

    IMHO The OP was confusing.


    They are actually asking about fuel, not fires.

  5. 1 minute ago, PCSB said:

    I believe your boat may fail the BSS when due if there are no permanent vents such as mushroom vents. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along to confirm.

    In 2 x BSS inspections, I have been told that ventilation is advisory not mandatory, so it wouldn't/shouldn't be a fail.

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  6. I have an old Huawei router that runs off USB using a cable to convert the 5v to 12v. My aerial is the Poynting 4g XPOL. The router came free with a Three contract a few years ago. It's currently got an O2 sim which is part of our Virgin Media package.


    If I was starting g now, I'd get a 5g router, which seem to be around £250 and a Poynting 5g XPOL antenna for around £90.


    I can't see what the Maxview could do better, apart from connect to ordinary WiFi, so it seems like an expensive solution to buying a router and external aerial.


    Having said that, I don't see how it would be better or worse on a boat..... it does the same job on both boats and RVs.

  7. 1 hour ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    I am making no assertions - I simply pointed out that one cannot say if any corrosion is 'typical' when there are external extenuating circumstances , such as water quality, where you more etc. I simply said that you can have severe corrosion within 18 months, or you can habve no corrosion after 20 years.


    It is you making the assertions.


    If it makes you shut up I'll give you another example (from another forum member) who had similar problems to "Keeping up" experiences.


    There are others which have been possibly attributed to MIC (which I know you don't believe in either)


    If you want more - then you go and look for them them they are 'out there',

    I know when I'm right and you are wrong. I have to prove nothing to you.



    Screenshot (1073).png

    That's got absolutely nothing to do with Whilton and fake surveys, which was the assertion questioned, and you know it.


    As has been intimated, you find one example of something going wrong, and used it to promote doom and gloom, and tar the whole world with that brush.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    I have done so previously and suggest you go and search for them - alternatively you and your wing-man can just go along living in ignorance.

    I've tried a search, but only find the one example that you keep repeating.


    It's some coincidence that a few here can only recall or find the one example, whereas you insist there are many more, yet refuse to provide the info/links.


    Come on Alan.... this is the kind of thing you would have saved for a simple cut and paste.

  9. 3 minutes ago, MtB said:


    I disagree. 


    1) impacts on new boaters almost immediately. There are any number of threads on here by people who just collected their new boat the day before yesterday saying "Help, all my power had gone" (to paraphrase). And all they've done is run their knackered set of batteries flat. 


    Engine and drive maintenance is a long term thing. You can basically forget about it until it suits you and is convenient. A hundred or two hours after getting the boat, say. 

    What would you suggest for 2) ?

  10. 13 hours ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    How quickly can you walk away ?


    They have history in selling boats with a good survey which have sunk on the first cruise by the new owner.(taking the boat home) 

    You seem to be saying that Craig Allen is a surveyor who is happy to take bribes from Whilton?


    I can only recall the one well used example that you use..... are there actually more than this?

  11. 25 minutes ago, The Narrow Way said:


    Ah, this is very cool.  Just checking their site, they offer a Helmsman Certificate course, which interests me.  Any idea whether it would be advisable to do this with them or with the Narrowboat Skills Centre?

    After 30 years sailing, when bought my own seagoing boat in 2006, I did the RYA diesel engine course and, to give my wife a gentle intro to boat handling, we did did the Helmsmans course. Bothe served us well, and I can recommend them.


    The next most useful thing would be a knowledge of how batteries and charging sources work.


    Other than that, I learned things as they went wrong. YouTube  videos are very useful, as is this forum, as long as you explain your issue, and ignore the curmudgeonly responses that often ensue from the usual suspects.

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  12. 3 hours ago, MtB said:


    I agree. 


    The bit that puzzled me is why the woman in the thread title thinks she is now on "the property ladder", having bought a boat. 




    Maybe she doesn't "think" she is on the property ladder. In the short article linked, the headline states this, but the body of the article doesn't.


    I haven't watched her videos, so it is possible she may confirm what the headline says but, other than that, it is only the writer who thinks that.

  13. 10 hours ago, doratheexplorer said:

    1.  Many Councils would love to build Council house, but they don't have any money to.

    2. The rules which allow developers to wriggle out of their commitments are entirely set by the Government.


    I'm not disagreeing with either of those. In fact they kind of make my point, which is that government should be building all of these houses they keep telling us we need, and promising us we will get.

  14. 52 minutes ago, magnetman said:


    Can you not see that social problems like that will just get worse and worse as housing costs go up?  


    Housing is a basic need. You really can't do much without it. Some people are suggesting that ownership of property you do not need is some sort of good deed by the landlord. No it isn't. All it is is hoarding of a basic need. 


    You can't do this. It is a basic problem for a society if this happens. 


    I know you hate the smackhead mother with 5 kids but have you considered why she exists in the first place? 


    Do you think this is something which somebody would actually choose ? 


    The whole thing is screwed and yes I do live on another planet. It is B-612 as shown in my profile. 



    We have many basic needs, but the providers of these needs are not expected to provide them for free if someone doesn't have the means to pay. Your suggestion would have food. heat, clothing, (fags, sky TV etc.... ;) ), provided for free by the suppliers - as you well know, it aint gonna happen is it!?


    This is why we have a welfare state, where people of lesser means are provided for out of taxes.


    Back to property: Of course, if private landlords were required to provide their properties for free, for life, there would be no landlords, and you would get your wish that we all only own one property. However, this leads back to there being nowhere for those needing/wanting to rent to live..... unless government provides all of the property required by the rental market, which is something you can wish for, but is not gonna happen. 

  15. When our dog started struggling with the steps, With the help of a friend, I built a set of removeable steps which turn the corner round the end of the bed to the rear doors. Our effort also enables easy access for a dog to the end of the bed. The existing steps remain in situ as partial support for the new steps, and the top step is the top step of old and new.


    This was after trying all kinds of other things, like ramps ..... none of which could remain in situ, and were a ballsache :( 


    This pic is a professional example of my Heath Robinson affair :) 




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  16. 6 hours ago, MtB said:



    I think the idea is that the council or the guvvermint should own the necessary stock of rental homes. 


    Like in the good ol' days. Remember? 



    Aha! I have no problem with that.


    It could start with government building the 300,000 homes a year that they keep promising, but failing to deliver. That would keep them busy for a decade or so.


    Like I said..... its a ridiculous notion :)


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  17. 10 hours ago, magnetman said:


    It is basically wrong for people to own more than one land based property. 


    Legislation should be enacted to ensure this does not continue.



    So who or what, is going to own all the properties that people want/need to rent. Not everybody wants to own a property, and not everybody can afford to own a property, so there is obviously a demand for rental properties......


    Your plan would mean no homes for all these people, thus making them homeless...


    Yet another ridiculous notion to which you give no thought :( 

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