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  1. Hi, thanks for the advice so far. I started to doubt my own memory, so I looked up the receipt for the unit. I bought it from Hamiltons Gas Products on 16 April 2013. £160 plus flue and fitting kit.... so getting on for 3 years now I guess. Maybe it was an end of line unit? Gosh time flies. It also shows how little I've been using my boat! Anyway, getting back to the point... could frost damage have led to a split in the diaphragm? I had a previous heater fail due to frost damage and it was pretty obvious... water squirting out all over the place! Thanks for the info about operating pressures etc.
  2. Hi all, I don't know if anyone has had a similar experience, but I'm having problems with my Rinnai water heater. The boat hasn't been used for months, and now the water heater isn't firing up when there is a demand for hot water. It worked fine before. The pilot light works fine, and I have temporarily removed the water filter in case it was blocked and affecting water pressure. I have also swapped the gas bottles to make sure that the gas pressure is sufficient. I installed the unit a couple of years ago, but I've probably only used it a dozen times, so it seems hard to believe that any of the components have worn out! Now that I've ruled out the 'cheap' solutions I'm guessing it's going to require a more expensive one. I've looked quickly at the spare part prices for these things and they seem pretty high. Can anyone suggest why the unit isn't firing up when I turn on the hot tap? I guess one reason is a split diaphragm, but why would it split after so little use. I should confess that I haven't drained it down until now, so maybe frost has something to do with it, but we haven't had any really hard frosts in the meantime, and in addition I haven't noticed any leaks. Thanks. Oh, just one more thing.... Is there an easy way to check the water pressure coming out of the tap? It doesn't seem great.... Thanks
  3. Big thank you to the person who struck the lock at Caen Hill and has put it out of action for at least the next few weeks according to BW. I was trying to get my new boat from the Thames to near Bath. Sorry... I had to get that our of my system.
  4. Well, thanks again everyone for your responses. I must say though, I am surprised by the tone of many of the posts. I asked the original question in all innocence on a 'newbie' section of the post, but I have had to put up with a fair amount of abuse. I love the forum, and I really value the advice, but I think that the more experienced members should bear in mind that we all have to start somewhere, and a simple statement of opinion or gentle nod in the right direction is sufficient and desireable. I think I explained in my OP that I hoped to dispose of the contents down my own inspection chamber, so I think that your concerns about me causing delays and splattering facilities are unnecessary. As I said before, it was only an idea... but I think I've got the gist.
  5. Thanks for all the opinions.... I should have known that a question about toilets would have prompted lots of debate! It was just an idea... Sorry if it seemed daft!!
  6. Hiya, I am on the verge of buying a boat with a dump through toilet, but my mooring is some distance from a pumping station. Is it possible to manually pump the contents of the waste tank into jerry cans and to dispose of the waste at home (down my domestic inspection chamber)? I'm sure my wife would enjoy doing that job... I realise that this is getting pretty close to having a chemical toilet... so perhaps I should just replace the toilet! I suppose I would envisage using a pumping station from time to time to give the tank a good clean, but then pump manually just to keep levels down... if it's possible. Many thanks for your opinions!
  7. Hi everyone, I have arranged a survey of a boat that suits our purposes and I was pretty excited until I read some comments on the internet about the engine it has. It is a BMW D12. It is a small 25' narrowboat. Initially I thought this sounded great - who wouldn't want to own a BMW! But the reaction on various forums is really negative. Critical opinions... Even their supporters don't like 'em! You'll notice that even the supporters of the engine have concerns!! One of the main problems seems to be the design of the alternator. It seems inevitable that it will eventually pack up, and it has other nasty features such as huge pulses of EMR and this interferes with radios etc. I suppose I have to make up my mind about the risk of buying a boat with this kind of engine, but here is my question... How easy and expensive is it to drop a new or used engine into a boat when the fateful day comes? How readily available are engines secondhand... I would imagine that people tend not to sell perfectly good engines! Any advice would be welcome. Thanks - Normally Happy_Guy
  8. Hi all, I have seen a narrowboat that I quite fancy (25'), but it lacks a solid fuel stove. It has no other form of heating. Would it be a huge job to install one? I suppose the bit I'm worried about is cutting through the roof and forming a waterproof junction. Would it be expensive? Thanks - Graham
  9. Since you've all completely forgotten my original question (lol!), how about this... If I had to go for a cruiser this looks quite nice I think! As you say, you seem to get more for your money! Sexy steel cruiser! try that again... still sexy... sorry - trying to get used to this forum thing!
  10. Cheers everyone! I am amazed at the response, and the trouble that people will go to to help us newbies out. Thanks again for all the opinions. The tubes at the back are definitely gas lockers, because the locker at the front is a water tank. The front windows open (French window affair), and I would be taking the 'wrought' iron off the front anyway. I thought that I could probably construct some kind of 'banana' shaped plywood seat between the two cylinders, but make them easily removable. To be honest the layout suits us perfectly... I hope to install a nice double bed at the bow, and then have some additional seating in the middle. We're happy with a two berth. I know what you mean about a GRP cruiser... I would feel happier with a steel hull though. Plus my wife has this thing about narrowboats... she prefers the romance I think. For some reason cruisers don;t appeal to her... I think they have a certain charm. Anyway, thanks again for putting so much effort in the replies... I'll let y'all know how I get on! Graham
  11. Hiya I've just got hold of a mooring (just 36') and I'm looking at boats, and I'm thinking of putting an offer in for one with the following credentials: Built by Tulleys of Rotherham in 1997 Vetus, 2 cylinder diesel engine Paloma Instant water heater Solid fuel stove in tiled surround Bathroom to stern with wash basin, shower & Porta Potti chemical toilet Galley with oven, grill, 3 burner hob and fridge 2 single berths in bow (could convert to large double) Last blacked and new anodes fitted Spring 2006 Boat Safety Certificate to March 2012 I realise that I'll have to get her reblacked, but apart from that can anyone see any huge problems with this boat? Is Vetus a reasonably reliable engine? Is '97 particularly old? It seems to have hung around at this particular brokerage for a long time, and although I've knocked the price down significantly, I'm worried why it has taken so long to sell. It looks ok when I visited! As you might have guessed I'm on a tight budget. I'm getting a survey by the way... I'm just trying to see if there are any glaring problems that people can see! (I've posted a similar message on another forum btw, and people correctly guessed that the boat is for sale at Bluewater Marina in Yorkshire!) Any opinions gratefully received! Thanks.
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