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  1. Hiya All! I thought thats it was about time i put my penny worth in to this topic seeing that i do know a bit about it. Shoot me down in flames, but, I can't understand why, in this day and age, why the inland waterway boats, don't have the sort of shaft seal that has been used for years on small sea going craft! My small yacht has a seal made of ceramic disks between the shaft and stern tube that don't need great dollops of grease to make the joint watertight. Far better for the environment and does away with that greasy old gun, leaking it's contents about the tool box! I can understand having the grease glands on the older boats, but, but why don'tthe builders use the modern seals on all the new boats? nipper
  2. Hiya! I may be a novice to canals and their linings, but. When sheet metal pilings are driven into embankments and alike, does this not penitrate the linning? I passed through Shebden embankment the other day, It's usable now by the way, a whole stretch of pillings has been used, why does it not leak? Brian
  3. You don't give a lot of information anyway! Maybe an Email address is all i can think you register with. No great worries there. No, I don't think that is a worry. Brian
  4. Well, I think he has every right to feel frustrated and angry. The amount of work that has gone into that site must be vast! and to have it wrecked by some baffoon is criminal. I hope he plugs the hole soom and doesn't get to down hearted. Meanwhile, I shall set off on my cruise ( stoppages permiting) armed with all the information to hand, thanks to Nick. Brian
  5. Good morning all. Does anyone have an update on Canalplan AC? This very usefull site went down the other night, when i was using it to plan my cruise for next week. I just managed to work out what i was going to do, then it was gone! Apparently spamed! Brian
  6. I'm ok! Must be summit you et! Brian
  7. I recon it's different in some places than others. IThere Whoops! sorry about that! proves i'n new to all this! As i was saying-- I recon it's different in some places than others. On the river Medina at Cowes, my boat is shown on a mooring i had last year!
  8. Hiya Supermalc. What an interesting site. I'll get back to it later. Maybe i can learn something! Another interesting site i've found while bored over the festivities is www.earth.google.com. I downloaded the program and within seconds was looking into my back garden from a great hight, even the garden tables were there! Magic! May i wish yourself and all at Canal World a pleasants and relaxing new year and may the lock gates always be open for you!! Brian
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