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Diabetes type 2...update.




This is really for diabetics...as I was fearful that my original thread was going to be hijacked by dieters.

I won't wax lyrical on this blog..and paint wordy pictures about the sun moon and stars...

If you're reading this..its because you have your own problem and are interested...so I'll cut the crap.


Todays weigh in was 12 stone 3. That's quite a drop...but as I have said on my thread..I have a skinny build. Many men look right at 16 stone which is about where I was when diagnosed..but I didn't. The official guideline for me...is that I start to be classed as underweight below 10 stone...so I am a long way off.

Having said that..I'm am a little concerned at the suddenness of the weight drop...so I will keep an eye on it. Maybe..I'll add some more vegetables to my evening meal...but I don't want to go off the original plan too much.

My blood sugar reading was 4.3 at wake up.

In the inital stages of the diet..(first week)...my readings were dropping down to 3.7'ish in the morning..which was concerning...but this seemed to be just that first week. I now seem to be low 4's....so the diet is having some effect.

As I am steady..I can only surmise that I am starting to use up my own stored energy reserves...which is what is supposed to happen.


I'm not feeling that hungry now..although surrounded by all the Christmas pictures of turkeys...roast beef..mince pies..and pudding..(bastards !!).

Everywhere you look is food...shops..posters...TV.

Its not bothering me too much though...as I'm resigned to doing this. We had friends around yesterday..and they tucked into sausage rolls while I had my shake. Christmas day will be the same.

I will only do this once..so it has to be good !.


General health,blood pressure is good for me..about 118/76 and pulse rate is steady. I have been a little headachey in the mornings..which was one of the effects found by the test subjects. This may be caused by the years of the body being used to high sugar levels and slowly dropping. I soon get over this though when I wake up. I am drinking a lot of water (as specified)..but I seem to be thirsty in the mornings..and the re-hyrdate rids me of the headache.


One thing very noticable...I am drinking a fair bit of water at night...but not getting up at all..in fact..not even feeling 'urgent' when I do get up.

This diet is specified to drink a great deal of water...so it must be required in the 'cleansing' process. Its nice to be have to get up umpteen times a night.


Someone asked me again ..about the meal replacement product.

Its Glucerna SR made by Abbott laboratories. They have 125 years diabetic experience..so they must know what its about !

The original Optifast drinks...are only available in the UK by prescription...and even Abbott are a bit cagey to supply to the public.


Happy Monday...anyone who's reading this.



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