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How do I install a solid fuel stove?

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I'm replacing the old pot belly on my boat with a multifuel stove, but I'm not entirely clear about fitting the flue.

The roof collar is 4" so I'm going to need a reducer on the flue, also the old flue was a tight fit into this collar, seemingly just sealed with cement. I've been looking at this thread - http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56710 so am I right in thinking a bit of putty alone will suffice for the top? Then some sort of fire rope/putty combination for the joins on the stove and reducer?

Also how is easiest to slot it all together? I'm thinking I'd need to raise the stove with a jack to slot the overlapping joins together?


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1. buy roof collar (6")

2. buy flue (5")

3. Have reducer at top of stove where flue rests. Use fire cement to seal this join.

4. Between the flue and the roof collar, you insert fire rope...normally comes in a 2" width...fill the gap between flue and roof collar.

5. Bolt collar to roof once fitted through the hole (by cutting hole with jigsaw)

6. Use fire silicon on roof to seal the collar from letting rain in

7. Use fire cement in collar/flue gap on roof to seal the gap.

8. Install fireboard behind stove...with a 15mm airgap....between fireboard and wall.

9. Can tile with non gloss tiles over fireboard. (glossy tiles get hairline cracks)

10. Make sure stove is bolted down properly.

11. Quarry tiles under stove is nice. Thick.

Thats about it.

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Is the reducer for the collar or for the stove?


If its for the collar why not just fit a bigger collar?


If its for the stove and its a squirrel then they do a seat for the stove pipe to fit into the top vent.


I used fire rope and cement around the pipe and roof collar end and just cement at pipe and stove end.





ETA ..................what dean said

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The reducer is for the collar, which I really don't want to have to remove because that'll mean taking down part of the ceiling cladding which though designed to be removable at the edges is likely to be an awkward job and may result in damage to the cladding. Also I'd rather not replace what seems like a perfectly good collar.

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