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Baddie the Pirate - Liveaboard boater supplying LED lighting

Baddie the Pirate

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Website Name: Baddie the Pirate - LED lighting for Boats


Website URL: www.baddiethepirate.co.uk


Website Description: LED lighting for boats, from a liveaboard boater


Any other comments: Low voltage LED lighting for boats and motorhomes from "Baddie the Pirate". New generation


SMDs (surface mounted diodes to those "in the know"), are three times brighter than earlier LEDs and available in warm white, which means about the same colour light as your normal bulbs. Lovely. No more bluey whiteness (sorry Persil) which leaves you feeling cold and miserable. This range has the electrical gubbins built-in to protect it from power surges from your alternator when you turn your engine off. Expected lifespan is upto somewhere in the region of 30,000-50,000hrs. We've done the maths, that's nearly 6 years if you never turn them off. Not half bad! Baddie the Pirate...a lighter look at life.



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