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Hi, currently our boat is moored in Brigg, on the Ancholme. We need to get her blacked, the stern gland re-packed and a welding job on the alternator mount. 

Can anyone recommend a boatyard/marina up the Keadby and Stainforth, up as far as Doncaster to get these jobs completed? 

Thanks in advance 


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I am sorry Duncan i missed this post. I only saw it because someone mentioned it on your query about going up the Trent. Of course this response might well be way way too late.  If I couldn't get work done on my boat on the Ancholme i would consider Hull Marina and the 2 Goole marinas first. All are easier to get to than Thorne.  If you are intending to get onto the main canal system anyway, I would probably go to Goole and then onwards, but of course Stanilands Marina at Thorne via Keadby is the other option.

All the afore mentioned marinas have blacking facilities.  As for stern gland packing and welding of mounts both can be done in the water where you are. Leaving the Ancholme is a daunting task, but not insurmountable. Get someone experienced to lend a hand.  South Ferriby to Hull, Keadby, or Goole are only short trips, and very pleasant in the right weather, and correctly planned.


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