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Overwater to Alvechurch

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Just had a lovely week taking Aurora down to Alvechurch en-route to her new base marina at Gayton. It was very varied, with rural and urban cruising. We moored in central Wolverhampton at a very handy spot with no access to the towpath so felt safe (some pounds in the Wolverhampton flight were very low so had to flood them). We stayed overnight at the Black Country Museum (moved our boat in after local kids played with rocking the boat and shouting 'old man'!) - we did visit the BCM so this was easy. We then went through Dudley to Birmingham - the canal was filthy, why do people in Dudley use the canal as a tip - such a sad sight seeing moorhens nests made of plastic bags... had to stop 3 times to get the crap off the prop.  We then stayed in Gas Street - really nice place to stay and enjoy the local pubs! My wife said she now rates 'scary' Birmingham after seeing what else the west midlands had to offer... :)


looking forward to a new lot of routes from the new base!

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