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  1. 7 hours ago, Heffalump said:

    We will keep an eye out! Planning to stop around Braunston tonight. 


    Hope you didn't get too drenched today

    Some work came up so I've not even made it to the locks yet - I'm between the locks and that big bridge that's being worked on.

    stop for a cuppa on your way past if you fancy, blue boat with stuff on the roof :)

  2. hey Heff, 

    congratulations (again)

    We leapfrogged a couple of times over the last couple of days but I only spotted the Just Married when you came past yesterday

    I was the woman who hollered at you from the boat between the Newbold tunnel and the pub


    I'll look out for you on your way back - I may have reached Braunston by then


  3. 4 hours ago, magictime said:

    The reason I thought it was water is that...


    ...my set up is like Arthur's, except that the thing doing this job is a replaceable filter rather than a permanent fixture, and the drip appeared to be coming from the bottom, where you're supposed to be able to let water out.


    Upon further investigation the leak was coming from the larger nut on top of the thing the filter screws on to, visible near the bottom of the attached pic. It was indeed weeping diesel, which was then running down the side of the filter and dripping off the bottom. A quarter turn with a spanner has now stopped it, and a bit more spanner action seems to have (pretty much) stopped the stern gland leak too.


    So incredibly enough I think we may have sorted it. (I say 'we' - more the missus than me to be honest, she fits in the engine room better! That's my excuse anyway.)


    Whether this had anything to do with RCR... I dunno, seems a very odd coincidence but I don't know if they'd have had any reason to touch that nut.


    Phew! Thanks all anyway.



    Just thought I'd point out that the 'larger nut' that was the problem is the bleed screw - this may be useful to know when you do the next service yourself

    Also, I'd say, another clue that the the finger of blame points to the useless RCR 




    Not being inclined to register or use facebook, I would have no idea how to access the funding site.

    The information was kindly provided by another poster, which if you had bothered to read the thread you would have seen, however to help you I have attached it below;





    The funding site is nothing to do with facebook. It was first mentioned on this thread by someone who posted a link to it (before the post you quote).


    But you didn't bother to read it did you - you decided to make your mean little post based on Tuscan's incorrect post



    Wolfie, I think Alan's post was more "misinformed" than "mean-spirited and ignorant". We can all make a mistake. But thank you for providing accurate information.


    I think we're going to have to disagree here Athy - the information was accessible but Mr de Enfield chose to pick another speculative rumour-mongering post (notice the 'apparently' in Tuscan's post he quotes) to base his ill-informed opining on



    I would have thought that if the money was donated for "repairing the boat", then using it to replace the goods and chattels of the 'renter' is not within the spirit of the donations.


    Maybe I could set up a fund as I want to bring a couple of orphan refugee kids into the country, but then once I have the money I'll use it to go on holiday instead.


    There are too many folks happy to take advantage of the generosity of others.



    Wow! what a mean spirited post; and one based on ignorance as well.


    If you'd bothered to look at the fundraising page you'd see that it was started to raise money to help out Dave (rather than "repair the boat" as you wrongly guess) and the amount quickly raised is a reflection on how many people know and like Dave.


    Your comment on him taking advantage of the generosity of others is very wide of the mark as well. Dave is one of the most kind and helpful and generous boaters I know - a few years ago I used to meet him a lot and many times he was helping someone else out.

    Once he gave me a load of wood just because he had lots and I was getting a bit low and he wouldn't take any money for it


    But you (and the others making comments in a similar vein) carry on in your ignorant bubble making judgments about people you dont know based on incorrect suppositions - you're only making yourself look ignorant

    • Greenie 2
  6. not perhaps a boat alone.... but would a residential mooring qualify?


    Good question smile.png


    from the scheme rules: https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/documents/2015/12/scheme-rules.pdf



    Eligible Interest in Land” means a legal interest in land, solely or jointly owned, and situated within the United Kingdom, as described in paragraphs (a) and (cool.png of the definition of Residential Property Owner.



    Residential Property Owner” means an individual who owns an interest in land, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, which:

    (a) is:

    • (i) in England or Wales:
    • (a) freehold;
    • (cool.png leasehold, where the lease was originally granted for a term certain exceeding 21 years; or
    • © commonhold;
    • or (ii) in Scotland, registered or recorded, or would be capable of being registered or recordered, as a right of absolute ownership in the Land Register of Scotland or General Register of Sasines in Scotland, as applicable;
    • or (iii) in Northern Ireland: (a) freehold; or (cool.png leasehold, where the lease was originally granted for a term certain exceeding 21 years;
    • or (iv) an equivalent interest in land to the interests in land listed in paragraphs (a)(i) to (iii) above under the laws of any jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom;


    (cool.png comprises a building that is used or suitable for use as a dwelling, or is in the process of being constructed or adapted for such use; and

    © (i) was acquired by the individual as a purchaser; or (ii) entitles the individual to possession or occupation of that land.


    Paragraph (a) above of this definition of “Residential Property Owner” shall be deemed to include an individual who has acquired an interest in land situated within the United Kingdom under the terms of a Regulated Home Purchase Plan.




    So i would say no a mooring would not qualify


    eta: sorry about all the B) s - i it took me long enough to format the c&p so i cant be arsed to fix them



    Possibly - if you were buying a mooring.

    Generally you are just 'renting' a mooring.


    oh dear sad.png

  7. I've been told that levels are noticeably down at Nantwich. Presumably due to lack of supply coming from the south as they are draining the pound to bridge 88. Maybe they will increase the flow coming from Llangollen if it becomes a problem.


    hummm.. there's the rescheduled stoppage for brickworks at Bridges 10&11 on the Llangollen that's supposed to have started today so they may be limited in the amount of extra water they can send through the bypass pipes.

    Plus there wont be too many boats moving down the lower end to send water down

  8. It is of no use to me. However the ISA in question is a great savings plan for many people. Nothing else touches it.


    I'm going to have to disagree as well. The 'Help to Buy ISA' is giving poor deluded young folk a maximum of £3k to help them get themselves all mortgaged up so they trot off to their jobs every day too tired or worried to notice that all this country's funds are being hoovered up by those in power and their corporate and other mates


    to sum up: a bad thing

    Thank you Mr. Wolf, that is the answer I required.



    it's Ms actually ;) but you're welcome

  9. Buy a good second hand boat, it will be cheaper, probably better, and the money you save will be much more than any government contribution to your ISA.


    More importantly never trust anything from the financial services industry, especially if there is a government involvement. You would be better off just using a good savings account; under the recent rule changes there is no longer a tax advantage to an ISA and the company running it will likely up their charges/lower the interest so that they rather than you pocket any government contribution.




    edited to get the words in the right order



    Can't argue with any of that :)


    to answer the question the OP asked: No, a boat purchase does not qualify for the '25% bonus' element of the so called Help to Buy ISA - you have to buy a 'eligible interest in land' that is also residential

  10. Hi Canal World,


    Yet another question about heating, this time the collar for the flue pipe. Installing in a widebeam at the side, Its in a corner next to an internal bulkhead.


    The roof angle is, as some might expect, different from the angle built-in to the collar. So where the flue attach's to inside collar, and chimney outside, it doesn't provide an upright/vertical fitting for the flue.


    Is it acceptable to make something for the collar on the outside roof off the boat (packing) causing the collar to be upright, it would mean raising one side apprx 26mm (guessing there may not be enough tube to attach flue to on the inside though)


    Or is it ok for the chimney to be at a slight angle, and of course the flue to be at an angle...it would be square to the collar! I can cut and weld the flue so it meets the collar square but someone suggested you will need to install 2 angles on the flue...but I can happily do it with one angle.


    So is one angle in the flue a concern, or is it a concern that the chimney would sit on the roof collar at a slight angle, apprx 7 degrees so not far from upright.




    David Mc




    yes, my boat had this arrangement when i first got it. It was a wedge of wood painted with some very thick paint. Make sure the flue is long enough so the inner skin of the chimney fits into it.


    Also yes, i have this arrangement now. the chimney is at a slight angle but not so's it causes a problem


    eta: as you obviously understand the important thing is that the flue is perpendicular to and bang in the middle (looking from above) of the collar so that the inner skin of your chimney fits snug in it

  11. These threads usually get periodically updated with a list of attendees once a date or two consecutive dates are decided on. Richard suggested the pub can't do New Years Eve because they have a function on so I think that means the Friday is the next most popular day?


    Shall I bite the bullet and start a list and perhaps Alan or Richard would be happy to update it as names are added?


    The poll shows 6 votes for the Friday plus 3 for any day, implying at least 9 so far. Scrolling through this thread it looks like the following are confirmed. Please can anyone else coming give their CWDF names and any plus ones?




    Friday 30th December banter:


    Alan Fincher & Catrin

    Richard T


    Barry & Lemontoes

    Cheshire Rose & Postcode


    Tree Monkey & BSP


    LoneWolf and John V(tbc)


    It's looking doubtful that i'll make it now



    The first time it happened to me I'd actually untied the boat, pushed off, stepped onto the counter and engaged ahead befoe looking up at the lock. Seeing the gate closed that I'd just opened 45 seconds before had me questioning my sanity!




    And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it cos by the time you've walked back to the lock they've opened the paddles!



    Ah yes I'd forgotten that incident!


    When I'm out boating solo I tend to look over my shoulder a couple of times as I walk back to the boat now to check no-one is shutting the gate.


    I've never had anyone turn a lock I've just set but i've had plenty of gates shut (or locks turned) as i've been approaching - you just get used to it if you're single handing - no point getting angry about it

    Middlewich is particularly bad for this for some reason

  14. Hahaha! There were failings on both sides on that occasion! I may have only set one lock ahead but to be fair to you, it was on the other side of a junction which was a silly thing to do. In my defence, I was knackered and not thinking straight.


    I was a bit aghast when i realised we were stealing a singlehanders lock - it's happened to me several times

    At least we didnt have a shouting match :)






    No I disagree. I've had the same thing. As a solo boater I've set a lock, opened the gate and on more than one occasion by the time I've walked 50 yards back to the boat and stepped onto the counter, someone has appeared from nowhere and shut it again.


    we didnt shut the gate - we came out of the junction & stole the lock he'd just set while he was doing the long walk back to his boat

  15. It was perfectly clear to me and something I've done myself when I've got a larger crew.

    Going back to the OP, it definitely is irritating when a boat coming the other way has set locks against you. Even more so when they've left crew members by the lock gates to 'guard' the locks and ensure you don't turn them back your way.


    Even more irritating when you've just set a lock for yourself and are walking back to the boat and some blighter comes round the corner and nicks the lock


  16. Hi my wife is disabled could we claim vat back on a new boat narrow or otherwise colin


    Possibly, if both the boat and the disability qualify


    Heres the HMRC helpsheet:


    which specifically mentions boats


    "Boats: You won't have to pay VAT if you buy a boat which is designed or, before it’s sold to you or imported, has been substantially and permanently adapted for use by a disabled person. An eligible boat will include many features specifically for disabled people such as specialised washing and lavatory facilities, wheelchair clamps and specialist steering facilities. Your supplier’s responsible for determining whether an eligible boat’s being supplied."



    heres the HMRC 'front page' on the subject


  17. I also don't think any banter numbers would be severely affected by the loss of people to the other place. As has been said most of the regular Loughborough attendees have known each other a long while, and anything going on forum-wise would be unlikely to stop us meeting in the flesh. There could be names like John V who could be invited - clearly lots of people on here operate in both universes, and still have contact with those no longer on here.




    When i said I would 'invite' JohnV I meant I would let him know the time & place


    I was under the impression that banters were open to anyone who wanted to attend and as such no invite is necessary so if people who now post on TB rather then here want to come along then that's fine with me.




    Barry, i find your statement odd. If someone turns up who you dont like (based on their postings) then just dont talk to them if you feel that strongly. On the other hand you may enjoy their company or realise that you've been reading their posts based on a misconception of where they're coming from

    Not attending because you think you wont like someone you've never met before seems to be cutting your nose off to spite your face

    • Greenie 3


    Barry I don't think you need worry.


    Something I've noticed about the members with a reputation for being troublesome on here is none of them EVER turn up to a banter.



    I haven't noticed anyone missing from CWDF who are regular banter attendees. The usual Christmas banter boaters are all still around as far as I can tell. So any exodus, mass or otherwise, isn't likely to make much difference.



    Well there's John V, who I'm rather taken with and intend to invite if/when a date is ever decided

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