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  1. Hi Tony. I think I wrote it badly. We need to inspct and probaly change the clutch plates. The reversing gearbox has mounts that are effectively the rear engine mounts. The rear of the reversing gearbox has the reduction box bolted to it. The rear bearing of the shaft coming out of the reversing gearbox is in the reduction box. So it's complex to change the clutch plates. Regards Nick
  2. Hi RLWP It is drag but not a slight 1. With the gearbox in neutral so the clutch operating arms are fully disengaged we can turn the prop shaft with a pair of stilsons eg 600 mm long but it is hard. With this much drag it looks like the prop shaft is going at full speed. We believe the plates are distorted and are working out how to do a clutch replacement without rmovig the reversing and redfuction gearboxes. Regards Nick
  3. Hi Tony. It is a multiplate clutch. By the way, thanks for the course you used to run in Stafford. My son came in 2008 or 2009 and now has a marine and car mech and elec business in Queensland and was inspired by you. Regards Nick
  4. We have an old tug for canal restoration with a Lister HA3 none hydraulic reversing gearbox It has a Blackstone reversing gearbox. The first problem was it would not drive in reverse. We adjusted the brake band and that was fixed. Now the gearbox is always driving forward. The clutch is disengaged ie there is a clear gap between the 2 clutch arms and the actuator ring. Even in neutral the prop is in forward. This means , for some reason the clutch is not disengaging. I read that this gearbox shares oil with the engine and there is no dipstick in the reversing gearbox. Ideas of a cause and details on how to get the cluch assembly woul dbe very greatfull received.] Thanks Nick
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