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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of any marinas / moorings within Birmingham / outskirts that have facilities such as WiFi Internet for residents, pub / bar on site or nearby and maybe a shop too. If so what would the price be for this a year ? Kind Regards Neil
  2. Thank you to everyone who has replied to my questions. I really am very thankful of your help. They all sound good and will be taken on board so to speak. Regards Neil
  3. Hi everyone, I have only joined in the last day or so and was hoping someone may be able to help me with a few questions i have. I know the following questions may have different answers from different people / usage but obviously a rough guide is better than nothing. 1. On a average per month, how many bottles of Gas would you say i would need and how much does a bottle normaly cost. If i were to use it for cooking. 2. How much coal would i need a month and again how much would it be. Would be using coal in fire. I know that i could collect twigs and wood elsewhere but as a roug
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