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  1. Thanks guys, this has been valuable, and I'm glad I didn't just jump into it. Will have a deep think about other options
  2. Thanks - found a few of these from many years ago - how much worse do you reckon? I am concerned about the winter when the river floods, the current can get really intense.
  3. This is really good advice - thanks. I'm not keen to join those boat-squatters, I'm concerned they would be territorial and attract too much attention. Would love a camper van (I know of one that cruising around West Oxford) but I don't have a drivers liscence!
  4. Cheers pal. I get this, but I will have the luxury of having a home to pop back to regularly - this will be more than enough for me. I'm aware of similar boats, and they're my primary motivation for this lifestyle. My ideal situation would be to find a little spot where I live quietly without notice. Don't mind being moved on, even if it's every couple of days. This is terrifying - does "can" mean likely? I'm happy to move sufficiently (e.g. to Banbury) every couple of weeks or so.
  5. I will soon be living modestly in a small 10-15ft boat. I aim to constantly (long-term) move between short-term mooring around Osney Island (or anywhere between Iffley and Port Meadow). I've read a bunch of great threads (>2yo) on similar topics, and am seeking advice on the practicalities of this approach. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Motivation: My wife and I have recently separated - we both want her and the kids to continue to living in our flat near Osney Island, but this leaves me no money to find my own place. I'd like to live nearby with minimal cost so I can continue seeing my kids every day. I believe constantly moving between short-term mooring locations offers the ideal solution.
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